Tek'it Audio CrossDr CM WiN/MAC
Pump your sounds full of grit, warmth and drive with a powerful VST/AU multiband saturation plugin – free only with Computer Music! CrossDr CM from Tek'It Audio splits the signal into three bands, with Drive, Warp, Crush and Clip controls to tailor your distortion flavour, and comprehensive levelling controls for the perfect balance.

D16 Group PunchBOX v1.0.2 WiN OSX Incl Patched and Keygen-R2R
PunchBOX is a virtual instrument designed for creating high-quality kick drum sounds. An equally vast and exquisite factory content delivered by industry-standard sound designers Sounds of Revolution and CFA-Sound gets you started in no time.

Synthesis & sampling shaking hands in one plugin
PunchBOX easily brings together the best of the two worlds. The expressiveness of synthesized sounds next to the richness and complexity of samples end up delivering top-notch, never-heard and dancefloor-crushing kick sound.
BeatMaker Horror Box XL v1.1.0 VST VST3 AU WiN/MAC
We are pleased to present our new Plugin that we have called: Horror Box XL, big brother of our recent Halloween gift: Horror Box.

Horror Box XL has an improved interface, more controls, more layers and an incredible collection of high quality sounds created with analog and digital synthesizers.

BeatMaker Romplay 2.5.0 WiN/MAC
ROMplay 2 is a new sound module with high quality presets covering most Electronic genres. ROMplay 2 contains sounds from different categories like Keyboards, Leads, Pads, FX, Synths, Textures, distributed in 144 high quality presets, ready to add something good to your mixer channels!

BeatMaker Bassik v1.1 VST AU WiN/MAC
Bassik is an electronic bass ROMpler for Win & Mac. Bassik contains 116 ready-to-use presets. You can use Bassik in any style of electronic music.

+ Windows & Mac.
+ LP/HP Filter. NEW!
+ 32/64 bit.
+ 116 Presets for Electronic music.
+ Fast loading presets.
BeatMaker Dirty Chords v2 WiN/MAC
Dirty Chords 2 is a VST/AU ROMpler for Windows and Mac to play sampled chords with one finger. Dirty Chords 2 contains 3 ready-to-use chords BANKS. Each bank contains a different sound and 128 chords scattered throughout the keyboard with four built-in noise generators.

BeatMaker 808 Bass Module 2 v2.5.1 WiN/MAC
808 Bass Module 2 is a powerful 808 bass ROMpler for Windows and Mac users. 808 Bass Module 2 contains 170 ready-to-use and freshly designed layered presets, to bring grit and rumble to your productions. The sounds are now even more powerful and are ready to play in the key of your project.

Toontrack EZkeys String Machine v1.0.0 Incl Keygen WiN/MAC-R2R
The String Machine sound library is based around a meticulously sampled mid-seventies Solina String Ensemble synthesizer, but also comes with a collection of sounds sampled from several other machines of the same era. Combined with the rich selection of presets and instrument blends, EZkeys String Machine paints a sonic landscape of never-before-heard hybrids of sounds sure to become a staple in your arsenal of creative tools.

Toontrack EZkeys Mellotoon v1.0.1 WiN MacOSX Incl Keygen-R2R
15 individual instruments, all captured from the classic Mellotron keyboard heard on hits by anything from the Beatles to the Moody Blues and King Crimson.

EZkeys Mellotoon is based on the Mellotron keyboard introduced in the early 1960s. This unique instrument was the first of its kind to include samples of real instruments, but as opposed to the modern-day digital sampler, the Mellotron pulled them off a magnetic tape loop that ran inside the keyboard. It came with various sounds for piano, strings, flutes, brass and is likely best described as the first-ever "band in a box”. Naturally, it was a revelation from the get-go. Early adopters included the Beatles, the Moody Blues and King Crimson, who all immortalized the unmistakable tone of the Mellotron in numerous hits. Today, this piece of instrument history is enjoying a massive resurgence in a wide range of genres.
Drumforge DF-XCITE v1.0.0 [WiN-OSX]-RETAiL
Drumforge offers its first audio plugin designed for mixing drums. DF-XCITE provides new layers of control over your drum mix by allowing you to add life and vibrancy with harmonic XCITE-ment. Make any dull drum mix sound XCITE-ing with DF-XCITE.

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