MUSIC Complete Guide To Max for Live TUTORiAL
Now that Ableton Live 10 is out, more users have access to Max for Live. Before, you had to download it separately, but now it comes with the software itself.

Ask Video Ableton Live 10 102 MIDI Essentials TUTORiAL
Ableton Live 10 is a powerhouse loaded with impressive MIDI features. Master all the essentials and more in this MIDI-focused course with certified trainer Noah Pred!

Best known for its audio warping abilities, Ableton Live is no slouch when it comes to MIDI. And with the new MIDI features introduced in Live 10, it’s now more powerful than ever. This course, by certified trainer Noah Pred, shows you how MIDI is recorded, edited and manipulated in Ableton Live 10.

Music Production School Basic Mixing Course TUTORIAL
The Basic Mixing Course is a streamlined version of the Advanced Mixing Course. This course will teach you a practical step-by-step process for mixing that will dramatically improve your mixing skills regardless of your level of experience. These mixing techniques are based on the accumulated knowledge of my 30 years as a professional engineer that includes 30 gold and platinum records and over 100 million sales.

This is a tried and true method for mixing that will work for any style of music. These practical techniques not only teach you engineering skills but will also teach you how to listen, what to listen for, and how to acheive the sound you are looking for. Mastering in Ableton Live 10 TUTORiAL
Mastering is a subtle art that takes years of patience and practice to perfect. Knowing how to use the plugins and hardware at your disposal in an effective, tasteful way is crucial to the success of your masters!

Join mix and master engineer, Maxim, in this course as he shares mastering tips, tricks, philosophies, and everything else he’s picked up through years of professional experience. This advanced course will outline complex topics like compression, limiting, M/S EQing, dithering and more. Maxim will even teach you the basics of treating your workspace for a superior listening environment. Advanced Mixing in Ableton Live 10 TUTORiAL
Doing the final mixdown on a track can be a daunting task for many producers. There are a lot of intricate details and concepts you must understand in order to bring your song to life and have the best mixdown possible. Creating Progressive House in Ableton Live 10 with Sem TUTORiAL
In this video, Sem creates a highly energetic progressive house style track from scratch.

Packt Audio on iOS TUTORiAL
Learn how to work with audio and the microphone in iOS apps
Audio is what Apple is known for. The iPod and Apple’s dedication to audio is what ultimately led to the iPhone and the whole iOS ecosystem. In this course, you’ll learn how to work with and harness the power of audio in your iOS development.

Futurephonic In the Studio With Tristan TUTORiAL
Our Masterclasses have always been about one thing: exploring the production techniques and approaches of the world's most respected Psytrance artists to inspire, elevate and expand your toolbox.

We got so overwhelmed with requests to film this class, we had no choice - and now it's time to introduce a true Psychedelic icon.
Groove3 Ableton Live Wavetable Explained TUTORiAL
Ableton Live 10 Certified instructor Scottie Dugan brings you a collection of video tutorials designed to get you up to speed with Ableton Live’s new virtual synth, Wavetable!

Scottie starts by teaching you the basics of wavetable synthesis, then introduces Wavetable, covering it’s layout and GUI.
Groove3 Electronic Music Producers Guide Dynamics and Compression TUTORiAL
Adam Pollard aka Multiplier, now focuses on Dynamics and Compressors and how they’re used in the Electronic Music genre to tame signals as well as create interesting effects and colors.

Adam begins by welcoming you and then starts at the beginning, covering what compression and dynamic processors are, as well as why you would want to use them.