Nail The Mix Humanity's Last Breath Abyssal Mouth Buster Odeholm TUTORiAL
Mixing Engineer: Buster Odeholm
Performing Artist: Humanity's Last Breath
Song Title: Abyssal Mouth
Album: Abyssal
Session Files: The multi-tracks are 48kHz, 24 bit WAV files.
Song Tempo: 200BPM
Nail The Mix Angels And Airwaves The Adventure Tom Lord Alge TUTORiAL
Mixing Engineer: Tom Lord Alge
Performing Artist: Angels And Airwaves
Song Title: The Adventure
Album: We Don't Need To Whisper
Session Files: The multi-tracks are 44.1kHz, 24 bit WAV files.
Song Tempo: See Tempo Map
Nail The Mix The Millenium Interstates Joel Wanasek TUTORiAL
The Millenium is a band from Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Artist – Cognizance, Song – The Succession Of Flesh
Produced and Engineered by Eyal Levi
Assistant Engineering John Douglass
Recorded at Eyal Levi's Private Drum Room in Orlando, Florida
Mixing Engineer: Joel Wanasek
Industry Kits Beat Mixing Tutorial Pack TUTORiAL
Do You Want To Take Your Beat Mixing To The Next Level? Are You Tired Of Tutorial Videos That Leave So Much Out & Hide All The BEST Beat Mixing SECRETS For Themselves? Well We've Got Your Back Baby!!! ; )

This Pack Is A Tutorial Pack Which Contains Multiple Videos (6 In TOTAL) Which Are Over 2-3+ HOURS Of All Kinds Of Beat Mixing Tips / Tricks & Top Tier Kept Secrets Which Will Help You Take Your Productions To The Next Level.
Cymatics Master Series Future Bass Production Course TUTORiAL
What exactly is "Future Bass" Course, what you will learn, who is your instructor?

Future Bass can be one of the most challenging genres to make.

It takes both great sound design & songwriting to make a cohesive hit come together.
Nail The Mix Trees On Mars In The Wake Eyal Levi TUTORiAL
Trees On Mars is an instrumental band from South Carolina
that Eyal recorded and mixed in 2014.

Song – In The Wake
Artist – Trees On Mars
TrueFire Corey Congilio Hip Blues Outside Lines TUTORiAL
Learn How to Play Outside the Box for Richer Harmonic Vocabulary
Like most blues guitar players, you are probably quite content to stay inside the box, but there are times when you probably find yourself searching 'outside the box' for a richer harmonic vocabulary that some of your favorite players use in their own improvisations.

In this Outside Lines edition of Hip Blues, Corey Congilio will share some of his vocabulary and improvisational approaches with you as you play your way through 10 "outside” blues soloing performance studies. Each of these studies highlights a particular approach or concept that you can easily put to use right away in your own blues soloing.
Groove3 Melodyne 5 Explained TUTORiAL
Studio guru Eli Krantzberg delivers comprehensive Melodyne 5 video tutorials! Learn all the basics, its features and functions, and how to use them effectively to manipulate your audio track's pitch and time, with incredible results. These videos are designed for new Melodyne 5 users.

Eli welcomes you and gives you a first look around the new Melodyne 5 interface, what it looks like in various DAWs, and where some of the new v.5 features are located. Next you'll learn the important basics like transferring audio to Melodyne in real-time, using the Audio Random Access (ARA) feature, navigating and controlling playback in your DAW, and more.
Truefire Frank Vignola Trading Solos Jazz Standards Vol.1 TUTORiAL
Interactive Video Jam Session with a Top TrueFire Artist
In Frank Vignola's Jazz Standard edition of Trading Solos, you'll trade solos with Frank over five popular jazz standard progressions, in a variety of keys and feels. Frank kicks off the course sharing some of his tone tips to help you get a great jazz sound. And then for each of the five progressions, Frank will show you a collection of jazz phrases and comping approaches. You'll then take turns applying those ideas, trading solos, and comping for each other over all of the tracks.
Udemy The Basics of FL Studio How to Produce Electronic Music TUTORiAL
In this course - which has been specially revamped for 2020 and designed for the latest version of FL Studio 20 - we will be showing you the very basics of FL Studio, how to use the interface, the windows and what the various plugins and effects do.

Want to produce dance music, but struggling to figure out your mixer's from your mixdowns? With this course, you will be fully on your way to producing club banger smash hits with this brilliant course! The first 20 minutes of this course are absolutely free! Preview what gets taught with absolutely no risk!

This course has been specially for those who have never used FL Studio before, or who have downloaded it and installed it only to open the program and become totally confused by what they see. When they look on YouTube, they get confused by the myriad of tutorials available and have no idea where to begin.