Udemy Popular Music History Pop Rock and Dance in the 20th Century TUTORiAL
Tired of not knowing which bands/genres your friends are talking about? Or are you trying to find inspiration for your new musical style?

This course will guide you through the history of popular music from the 1950s to the 2000s, from Blues to Nirvana, and everything in between! 
Udemy DIY Online Music Distribution Spotify Apple Music + More TUTORiAL
Did you know that you can get your music on all of the major streaming platforms without signing a record deal?

In this Beginners Guide, we show you step-by-step the process of publishing your music to all of the online streaming platforms including Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, TIDAL, and much more!
ADSR Sounds The studio as an instrument explore classic techniques based on tape editing effects processing and audio routing TUTORiAL
Some of the most original and creative sounds were born out of mistakes and what could be considered the limitations of musician’s hardware and software. Working with a basic set of techniques and tools requires you to think more about all stages of the process. 

This course is focused on the concept of the Studio as an Instrument – explore classic techniques based on tape editing, effects processing and audio routing. Techniques like these have created iconic sounds and shaped our modern hardware and software solutions.
PUREMIX Brian Lucey Mastering Philosophy And Techniques TUTORiAL
As one of the most in-demand mastering engineers in the world, Brian Lucey works with musicians of every level, from bedroom projects, to top charting records from world-renowned artists such as: Depeche Mode, The Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys Liam Gallagher, Royal Blood, Marilyn Manson, and even movie soundtracks, such as "The Greatest Showman” which went to #1 in over 70 countries.
MacProVideo Logic Pro X 203 Logics Compressors TUTORiAL
Joe Albano is the perfect trainer to explain and explore the ins-and-outs of Logic Pro’s family of compressors. In this course, he divulges the inside info about which world-class compressors they’re modelled after and then shows you how to best deploy them!
Ask Video Studio One 4 102 Recording and Editing MIDI TUTORiAL
PreSonus Studio One 4 is extremely powerful when it comes to MIDI editing and recording. In this course, producer and trainer Joshua Carney covers all the MIDI tools and techniques you need to master to work efficiently with Studio One 4.
Groove3 Sound Forge Pro 12 Explained TUTORiAL
In this Groove3 video tutorial series, DAW pro Gary Hiebner presents a video collection designed for the new Sound Forge Pro 12 user! Learn everything you need to know to get started with Sound Forge Pro 12, all the way through exporting your mastered files and more.
ADSR Sounds Create Original Beats With Sampled Sounds on Maschine TUTORiAL
Learn how to slice, arrange and mix a sample beat using Native Instrument’s Maschine hardware. With practical demonstration and lots of tips and tricks to inspire your musical genius – this four-part Maschine video course on how to make a sampled beat will help you develop an effective workflow, giving you skills you can start using straight away!
PUREMIX Chris Lord-Alge Mixing Rock In The Box TUTORiAL
Chris Lord Alge is one of the most renowned mixing engineers in the world. His style can be heard on records from legendary artists such as U2, Aerosmith, Prince, Bruce Springsteen, James Brown, The Who, Green Day and dozens more.

Those who study his work, know that Chris Lord-Alge is a champion of the famous SSL 4K console. He has mixed thousands of songs in the analog domain and amassed a literal wall of Grammys in his studio, Mix LA.
Truefire James Hogan's Groove Guitar Rhythm TUTORiAL
All of our guitar heroes have one thing in common -- they know how to lock their rhythm parts into the groove, whatever style they’re playing. And learning how to play solid rhythm guitar, in a variety of styles gets you the gig and keeps you up on the local jam stage all night long.

James Hogan’s Rhythm Edition of Groove Guitar will help you develop this essential skill by covering 10 must-know rhythm grooves showcasing a wide variety of tempos, feels, and styles. Jazz, Blues, Funk, Rock, Country, Gospel, Pop, and R&B styled grooves are all focused on, in this accelerated learning format.