Dance Music Production Mastering TUTORiAL
Learn to master at home with great results.

Mastering is not about making your music louder to compete with others. It's not about making a track punchy or making your bass louder and its not about adding "air” or "highs”. It's also not about using a standard preset processing chain. In fact, contrary to what most "mastering tutorials” are telling you, loudness is irrelevant and these "preset chains” of processors will rarely work in favour of your music. 

YouTube for Musicians and Bands TUTORiAL
The added visual impact of video makes it a powerful tool for promoting music, and there's no better platform for publishing video than YouTube. It has a large, built-in audience and its formidable search engine lets fans find music in a whole new way. In this course, Bobby Owsinski shows how to create your own YouTube channel, tailor it to fit your musical brand, and make your videos more search engine friendly and shareable on networks like Facebook and Twitter. Bobby even shows you how to enable ads and monetize your content. Plus, learn how to upload videos to YouTube and other media sites like Dailymotion with just one click. Creating a Built In Reverb Chain in Ableton Live TUTORiAL
Sometimes using Sends and Returns to add effects in your mix can be messy and confusing. Ableton provides us with a few nifty features that can eliminate the need for Sends and Returns, and have your effects built right into the channel. In this video, Tascione will show you how to use the Audio Effect Rack to create a built in reverb chain in Ableton Live. EQ The Right Way Using Pro-Q 2 Instead of EQ8 TUTORiAL
FabFilter has created several incredibly powerful plugins, and Pro-Q 2 is no exception. It has become the top EQ plugin choice for many producers – and for good reason. In this video, Frequent showcases the features of Pro-Q 2 and demonstrates why it is a superior option over Ableton’s stock EQ8 plugin.

Lynda An Insider's Guide to Today's Music Biz 08: Music Publishing TUTORiAL
One of the most important aspects of the music biz is music publishing. It can also be one of the most complicated parts of the business to understand, even for the most seasoned veteran.

In this Insider's Guide to Today's Music Biz, Steve Rennie explains what you'll need to know about music publishing to turn your songs into money. He'll talk about copyrights and their value, and why music publishing is important to a successful artist's career.

He also talks about the main sources of publishing income: what they are, who pays, and how much you get. He explains the difference between performing rights organizations and music publishers and how to find and make publishing deals. Start with the first lesson, which explains how a dollar of publishing income is split between the songwriter and publisher.
Udemy Music Production in Logic Pro X : Digital Audio Mastering TUTORiAL
Learn how to confidently master tracks in Logic Pro X

Master a track from beginning to end, using professional and efficient techniques.
Start a project with the right settings for any genre of music.
Create professional production masters for your music.
How to confidently use EQ and fix issues with frequency balance.
Apply dynamic effects such as compression, dynamic EQ, and limiting to make more optimal masters.
By the end of this course, you'll be able to master your tracks with confidence.
ADSR Courses Electronic Music Compression with The Glue TUTORiAL
Electronic Music Compression with The Glue by Cytomic
Known for its ability to gel sounds together. We’re going to look at various features and functions of The Glue and how we can use it in a variety of different settings.

ADSR Courses Getting Started with Propellerhead Reason 10 TUTORiAL
Reason by Propellerhead Software has always been a well-loved and powerful DAW. With the release of Reason 10 and its two shiny new synthesizers, Propellerhead have seriously upped the production and sound design game for their users.

In this 2-hour course, ieolia and ADSR bring you a comprehensive walkthrough that will not only teach you how to use Propellerhead’s Reason 10, but also all the basic knowledge to produce your own tracks.
MacProVideo Logic Pro X 203 Retro Synth 4 Synths in 1 TUTORiAL
Dive into Retro Synth, Logic Pro X’s powerful new instrument and brush up on analog, wavetable, and FM synthesis techniques at the same time!

Retro Synth is a study in simplicity. But don’t be fooled. Behind the virtual faceplate of this new Logic Pro X instrument, there is a powerhouse of synthesis at your fingertips. In this course, our top trainer, Rishabh Rajan, teaches you all about Retro Synth while at the same time, helping you fine-tune your synthesis and sound design skills!
ADSR Courses Mastering and Mixing with T-Racks 5 TUTORiAL
Versatile, powerful and affordable, T-Racks has made its name making mixing and mastering accessible to audio engineers of every level.

Mastering and Mixing with T-RackS 5 is an 8-part video course that walks you through the essentials of finishing a track using the latest features of IK Multimedias, T-RackS 5 including the controls and general functionality as well as all the new features recently released in the latest version.