OnTrackTuts Mixing and Mastering in Studio One TUTORiAL
If you want to improve your song mixes in Studio One, this is the perfect course for you! 

Learn how to Mix and Master them within Studio One
Sonic Academy Tech Tips Volume 36 TUTORiAL
Welcome to Tech Tips Volume 36 with our good friend, and sound design fanatic Bluffmunkey.
Over these 10 videos, Bluffmunkey looks at some of the more overlooked plugins in Ableton 10 and sheds some inspirational light on how to use them in your own productions.
Groove3 HALion Beginners Guide Programming Synths TUTORiAL
Synth wiz Sami Rabia brings you a video tutorial series designed to get you started on understanding and programming your own patches in Steinberg's HALion. Learn the important fundamentals and how to use them to make your own custom synth sounds! How To Make a Migos Type Beat TUTORiAL
For many of you, Migos needs no introduction. They’ve been dominating the Hip Hop scene for the last few years with countless tracks that have charted on the Billboard Top 100 – they’ve even been headlining tons of festivals as well. How To Make a Kodak Black Type Beat TUTORiAL
Over the last year or so, Kodack Black has seen increasing amounts of success. The young rapper from Florida is quickly making a name for himself with hard-hitting Hip Hop hits. How To Make a J. Cole Type Beat TUTORiAL
J. Cole is one of the biggest names in Hip Hop today. He’s dropped countless high quality tracks and he’s recognized by many as one of the best lyricists in the scene at the moment. He also boasts some pretty impressive, unique instrumentals and unique beats that contribute to his overall sound. 
Groove3 Music Production Recipe Samurai Trap TUTORiAL
Electronic Music production pro Josh Bess presents a series designed for the new producer on how to make Samurai Trap music! Quickly learn the important basic concepts as well as the important first steps that every producer who is just starting out needs to know when making this type of Trap music. Production Fundamentals: Cubase Effects TUTORiAL
Like most DAWs, Cubase comes packed with a ton of useful stock effects. Everything from vintage tube compressors to reverbs and delays are included.

In this course, Gary will outline the fundamentals of each different effect included within Cubase. His in-depth explanations of each unit will get you on your way to mastering the tools included in this DAW. By the end of the course you will have a full understanding Cubase effects!
Truefire Jeff McErlain's Soloing the Changes (2018) TUTORiAL
Most guitar players learn how to solo and improvise with the pentatonic scale. All 5 of those notes are relatively safe to play and that’s a great place to start. But after a while, those solos start sounding a little bland and disconnected from the chord changes they’re playing over. How To Make Trap Drums in Logic Pro TUTORiAL
Drums drive your entire track. They provide energy and represent the foundation of your song.

In this video, Nicholas Tchernov will showcase his method of writing impactful Trap drums inside Logic Pro X. He will discuss sample selection and the creation of a cohesive drum groove for your track. Later in the video he will explain the importance of hihats and how to get the most out of them. By the end of this video you should have a greater understanding of how to create your own Trap drum grooves in Logic Pro X.