Udemy How To Create & Sell Your Own Meditation Audios From Home TUTORiAL
Learn how to leverage digital technology to create and sell meditation audios on any topic of your choice

When you listen to meditation audio’s, have you ever wondered just how much more impactful and meaningful they would be if they were guided by your own voice instead of someone else’s voice? Have you ever considered creating and sharing a meditation on a subject that you’re passionate about so that others could benefit from your knowledge and insight?
SkillShare the Fundamentals of Piano Playing pt 2 TUTORiAL
This course is a direct follow up from the fundamentals of piano playing pt 1, and can be watched after finishing this course. In this class you'll be learning to read notes from the f clef (bass clef) and the g clef (treble clef). This class can also be watched as a stand alone class for those who want to learn to read notes. 

SkillShare Music Theory Piano and Composition Concepts the Fun Unlimited Way! TUTORiAL
This "core concept” piano keyboard course can be utilized by many musicians and potential musicians. Yet, it is perhaps most tailored to the beginner, or the singer who has always wanted to know what's going on in the music surrounding their vocal part. Musicians, limited to "by ear,” or "full notation only” constraints, can be set free through this powerfully concise instructional course. Players of other instruments, both acoustic and electronic in nature, looking to bring solid piano keyboard music theory into their game will also greatly appreciate this high-quality, animated and professionally recorded instructional course.
SkillShare Writing Music 101 Songwriting Basics TUTORiAL
Learn the basics of songwriting from a working composer. This class covers fundamentals such as chords, melodies, lyrics, orchestration and arrangement. I share several tips and techniques that I’ve picked up on my musical path.

For your class project you will write an original song/composition, utilizing the fundamentals we cover in the class, and record it. Your recording doesn't have to be professional quality—a smartphone demo will work just fine. For beginners, I’ll supply you with a chord progression to work with.
SkillShare Logic Pro X The EXS24 Sampler TUTORiAL
In this extensive Logic Pro X course, I show you all the functions and the features of the EXS24 Sampler.

The EXS24 is the built-in Sampler in Logic Pro 9 and 10 and in this set of videos I explore in detail how you can use this versatile Sampler.
SkillShare Working with a DJ Events and Weddings TUTORiAL
The music, sound, and speaking can have a huge impact on the flow of an event or wedding. Done well, the right cues and music can build emotion, keep things moving, and get a dance party started. Done poorly, your guests will notice awkward pauses, feel interrupted, or opt out of dancing. How do you ensure your event sound is top notch? Hire and thoroughly communicate with your DJ.
SkillShare Audio Production Pryda Style in Logic Pro X TUTORiAL
In this course we are going to create a track from scratch in Pryda style in Logic Pro X. This is the ultimate step by step guide to create music in this style with some 3rd party plugins like Spire and Fabfilter plugins.

Udemy Mastering EDM With Ozone 6 TUTORiAL
Get your tracks sounding loud, clean, punchy and incredible with Ozone 6's amazing suite of mastering plugins

Mastering electronic music is not easy. In fact, it's downright hard as hell. Getting your tracks to sound loud, punchy, rich, full and clean all at the same time can have you pulling your hair out in no-time or worse, abandoning a project altogether.
Sonic Academy How To Use Cubase 9.5 Beginner Level 2 TUTORiAL
Over the next 13 videos, we welcome back Cubase sensei Protoculture, as he takes you to the next level on this masterclass journey. If you are a complete beginner or even a seasoned pro, this course has something for everyone.
PUREMIX Inside The Mix The Lumineers with Ryan Hewitt TUTORiAL
Watch Ryan Hewitt Mix The Lumineers
As one of the staples of the indie-folk genre, The Lumineers have seen the heights of the charts several times. In April of 2016, the band released the hit song Angela, with a meticulously crafted arrangement and sonic landscape