MUSIC How to Make a 21 Savage Style Beat TUTORiAL
21 Savage is known for his dark and atmospheric beats. He has made a niche in the market for his style that others now strive to recreate.

In this tutorial, Arasb will outline the basics of creating and arranging a 21 Savage style beat. He will discuss the fundamental elements needed to create a track in this style, giving useful production tips along the way.
Udemy Voice Over Professional Audio Recording Editing and Marketing TUTORiAL
Do you have a voice?

If you answered "yes", then congratulations! You possess the first and most fundamental ingredient in voice over work.

Notice that I didn't ask "Do you have THE voice?". There is no "THE" voice. Truly, any voice will do. How to Make a Drake Style Beat TUTORiAL
Drake is often talked about among the production community purely on the quality and innovation of his beats. He has managed to stay relevant for so long in the music industry by doing so. How to Make a Metro Boomin Style Beat TUTORiAL
Metro Boomin is the young mastermind behind many of Hip Hop’s biggest hits. He’s produced for countless rappers including Migos, Drake, and many more.

In this tutorial, Arasb will discuss what it takes to create a Metro Boomin style beat. He will walk you through what samples to use, as well as arrangement & production techniques that Metro Boomin typically follows in his music. 
Truefire Sean McGowan's Walking Bass & Comping for Jazz Guitar (2017) TUTORiAL
Walking bass lines and jazz comping techniques provide guitarists with a sophisticated and orchestral approach to playing solo guitar and accompanying others in any situation where there’s no bassist. Sean McGowan offers an intuitive, and very effective approach to learning these skills in his second TrueFire course, Walking Bass & Comping for Jazz Guitar.
Udemy Advanced Music Production Secrets TUTORiAL
The Advanced Music Production Secrets course is guided to the intermediate-caliber music producer.

Udemy Logic Pro X Master your Music Production Workflow TUTORiAL
Professional Music Production in Logic Pro X 
Welcome to this course, and congratulations for choosing to master your workflow for Music Production in Logic Pro X. You will learn how to speed up your productivity and efficiency, and as a result give more room and energy to your creativity, your music...which is what is most important after all.
SkillShare A Beginner's Introduction To Singing Important Things You Should To know TUTORiAL
It's all well and good to learn vocal techniques to 'improve' your voice, but if you've never done any singing before - how do you even know if you have enough talent to sing in the first place?

Join Deanna Kangas, Professional Performer and Founder & Director of Adelaide's largest vocal studio Voicehouse, as she answers the most popular questions new singers have and gives you all the tools you need to know to start a regular and effective singing practice. 
SkillShare Learn Future House Music Production in Logic Pro X TUTORiAL
This course will get you PRO knowledge for making Future House Electronic Music in Logic Pro X in just a Day!

Have you ever wanted to create Electronic Music and Future House like a Pro? Like the big guys do? Have you already taken a lot of different courses and still wondering why you can't produce GREAT tracks? Well, i will learn you how to make GOOD music and learn you the small secrets that a lot of big producers are using.
SkillShare Mixing Your Music Get a Professional Sound TUTORiAL
Learn how to Mix your Music Professionally
Are you interested in Music Production, Songwriting and Making Music on your computer? Well if you want to get a professional sound on your final music productions, you need to learn how to mix your music.