Groove3 Pro Tools Beat Detective Explained TUTORiAL
Pro Tools wiz Morgan Pottruff shows you what you need to know to get started with the Pro Tools Beat Detective editing tool, plus advanced info and how to tighten up a multi-tracked drum kit performance!

Morgan begins by welcoming you and gives a quick tour through the Beat Detective interface and a brief explanation of the various functions it can perform.
Mixthru Indie-Rock by Matthew Weiss TUTORiAL
to increase tension in a mix
- Utilize automation to bring life back to over-compressed tracks
- Augment drums with samples to get a punchier drum mix
- Determine the most effective reverb settings for your mix
- Negotiate the best parts of a multi-capture recording
- Use distortion to add color and life to tracks in the mix
- Enhance the low end of your mix with parallel compression
- Emphasize section changes by automating reverb and effects Dubstep Project File Walkthrough + Production Q&A with INF1N1TE TUTORiAL
Join INF1N1TE as he breaks down some of his popular Dubstep tracks in FL Studio and ask him any question you have about music production!

Ask Video MixMaster 101 Mixing Dance Music Essentials TUTORiAL
Mixing electronic music is an adventure. It requires an advanced set of skills. We’re pleased to introduce you to MixMaster Daniel Wyatt to show you the essentials of mixing dance music. So learn to mix with Danny!

All mixing, whether you're doing rock, jazz or even classical, has a specific set of tools for each genre. Dance and/or electronic music is no different. In this course, top dance music mix and mastering engineer, Daniel Wyatt, explains some of his favorite EDM mixing essentials that ensure that his mixes are as dynamic and cutting edge as they can be.

Groove3 U Produce Post Malone TUTORiAL
Super producer Paul Ortiz pulls back the curtain on the style of Post Malone in this in-depth U Produce™ series! See how to make an authentic track in the style of Post Malone step by step from scratch. Shot in Reason 10, the ideas and techniques will work with any DAW, and the Reason 10 session is also included!

Paul starts off by welcoming you and talks about what you’ll learn in the series. He then jumps right in, creating the iconic Post Malone chord and drone bass sounds.
PUREMIX Mixing Rock With Vance Powell TUTORiAL
Grammy winner Vance Powell walks you through his entire mixing process, taking his production from a great sounding rough to a finished mix using his SSL console.

Learn Vance’s mixing philosophy and tricks that help him achieve a killer mix quickly and his workflow secrets that give him a flexible sonic palette to work from on every mix.
PUREMIX Vocal Production and Guitar Solos With Vance Powell TUTORiAL
Between the tracking session and the mixing session is the often overlooked editing and production process that adds the finishing touches and details that can make a song stand out.
Udemy 6 Piano Secret Trick Rosas Runs and Fills Polychord Hands TUTORiAL
Splash in interesting Runs + Fills with Polychords to empty measures! Learn Polychord trick & effortless easy fingering.

A Serious Problem that Pianists Face: How to fill in interesting music to long notes and empty measures.
Udemy Mixing Audio for Animation in Audacity TUTORiAL
Learn how to put together the music, dialogue and sound effects in a single mix to use in your animation.

In this course you will learn how to use audacity to mix down the audio for your animations. How To Make Your Own Glitch Machines In Drumrack TUTORiAL
Ableton is packed with an array of useful features and tools that you can utilize and experiment with – one of which is the Drum Rack. In this video, Frequent will teach you how to make a "glitch machine” in Ableton’s Drum Rack. Once built, this rack will allow you to apply unique glitch effects to your tracks quickly and easily!