Futurephonic The Complete Edition Masterclass Part Two TUTORiAL
Transform your approach, gain a deeper understanding of the mechanics of professional Psytrance and return to your productions with a new toolkit and a bank of inspiration.

"The Futurephonic guys sent me a sneak peak of Part Two - I gotta say I think this is going to be HUGE for the next generation of Psytrance producers!"

Leon Avalon (Nano Records) Production Fundamentals Ableton Live 10 MIDI Effects TUTORiAL
It’s critically important for every Ableton Live user to fully understand how each MIDI effect works. While each DAW has their own way of manipulating MIDI, but in Ableton Live 10 there are countless ways to get creative.

In this course, Sem goes over how you can take control of Ableton and your songwriting by simply understanding the basics of MIDI effects. Sem further explains how you can apply each button or feature to any situation in your music production.
Hardcore Music Studio Mix Vault TUTORiAL
What if you could make breakthroughs and transform your mixes every single month?

Mix Vault is a 4-month program that provides you with a steady stream of insights from real-world, professional mix sessions and full multitrack access. It’s like a 4-month pro studio internship without leaving your house!

Hardcore Music Studio Hardcore Mixing TUTORiAL
Tired of comparing your mixes to the pros and not even coming close?

Hardcore Mixing is the flagship course from producer/mixer Jordan Valeriote (Silverstein, Neck Deep, Forevermore, etc). Learn the Hardcore Mixing secrets that will turn you from aspiring engineer into sought-after mixer – without buying more gear, having a fancy studio or going to audio college.

Ask Video ARTURIA V 104 CMI V Explored TUTORiAL
Arturia’s CMI V is a faithful recreation of the Fairlight CMI series IIx, the music workstation that revolutionized music production in the ’80s. Learn all about this digital sound design powerhouse with trainer and synthesis expert Nigel Broad.

Kadenze Berklee College of Music Designing Synthesizer Sounds S1-S4 TUTORiAL
Session 1: Getting Started and Creating Draft 1
As you watch the Kick Drum and Bass video follow along exactly with your version of Strobe 2 Berklee edition.

When the video concludes save your preset.
WavSupply The Official Internet Money Mixing and Mastering Course for FL Studio 2018 (Includes Videos + FLP) TUTORiAL DAW Templates
This course will show you the techniques that past and present Internet Money members have used in order to make their beats and mixes sound professional.

This course outlines the exact method of mixing and mastering that members of Internet Money use step by step. Flex How To Make Trap Start To Finish TUTORiAL
EDM-influenced Trap music has become renowned for its hard-hitting 808s, aggressive leads, and Hip Hop percussion. With styles like Hybrid Trap emerging over the last few years, Trap continues to evolve and develop as artists experiment and push the space forward.
Udemy Guitar Solo Interval Training and Guitar Improvisation TUTORiAL
Learn how to solo on guitar in any style of music. Watch guitar solo lessons on improvisation and music theory!

Learn to play a great guitar solo! Start with a clear understanding of how and why a great guitar solo works by learning to use and play intervals. You’ll learn how different note choices will convey different emotional impacts. But, even more importantly, students in this course will discover that a holistic approach to music encourages each player to develop their own "style”. 
Udemy Create a DAW Template in Propellerhead Reason TUTORiAL
Make Music Faster and More Efficient in Propellerhead Reason 9.5

Create your own Master Template Today 
- Now is your chance to take action to create your own Master Template in Reason. And not just any template btw, your grand master template. A template to rule them all. A template that you can use for all your future music projects.