Udemy The Complete EDM Production Course Produce Mix and Master TUTORiAL
Welcome to the ultimate EDM production course. With over 10 hours of online training, articles, tips and practical steps you can follow, this is the most comprehensive EDM production course available on Udemy and possibly anywhere online.

Save yourself months of going through low quality YouTube tutorials and get all the information you need in one place. Ask questions, get answers, and make suggestions for new videos that you would like to see added to the course.
Udemy Blues Piano Lessons! A Course In Blues Piano and Improvisation (Update 07.2020) TUTORiAL
Step-by-step piano lessons for beginners. Learn to play without sheet music. Have fun with this properly planned course.

What you'll learn

This course will take you from the basics to being able to play Blues Piano with freedom and style.
You will learn the skills to be able to improvise, on the spot, playing by ear.
12 Bar Blues - Building up in stages to advanced levels of playing.

Udemy Learn to play HARMONICA the easiest instrument to pick up! TUTORiAL
Ultimate diatonic harmonica lessons, blues, country music, rock; you will learn how to play on/off stage, solo/group

What you'll learn

how to play the 12 bar blues, chords, rhythms, tone and chugging
how to breathe properly, use straight and swing rhythms
Producertech Mainroom Techno Production in Live TUTORiAL
There's nothing like the energy of a massive crowd, dancing in sync to the hypnotic beats of main-room techno. Now you can jumpstart your techno-production journey with this course from awesome producer Paul Maddox. With numerous label releases and support from huge DJs including techno legend Richie Hawtin, you can trust Paul's wealth of experience as he takes you through the process of creating a huge, main-room track.
Sonic Academy Ableton Live 10 Simpler with P-LASK TUTORiAL
Ableton guru and certified trainer P-LASK is back with us once again this week and this time he's taking an in-depth look at how to use the super useful 'Simpler' plugin that's included with all versions of Ableton Live.

Even though it's called 'Simpler' there's a lot to get out of this sampler, from dragging in one-shots and manipulating them to slicing up drum loops to create entirely new beats.
The Approach by Seth Drake Guest Practices TUTORiAL
Sitting in on Seth’s mixing and mastering class will show you the exact techniques he uses when he works on music with these artists...

"He's the guy I use and I can use anyone I want. There's no better proof than that. Seth is the mix god."
Groove3 Developing Synth Sounds Explained TUTORiAL
Synthesizer pro Thomas Cochran delivers in-depth synth sound design video tutorials! See how to make and develop a wide variety of popular synth sounds, including techniques that you can use to enhance and improve any type of sound. These videos are for those who already have an understanding of how synths work and the terminology used for identifying their features and functions. Finished presets are also included!

These synth sound design videos are shown using Xfer Serum, arguably one of the most popular virtual synth instruments available today, but the info can be applied to any virtual or hardware synth. Thomas also uses some 3rd party effects including the free Tal Chorus LX and OTT compressor, as well as "paid for" Native Instruments Transient Master and Fab Filter Saturn. These are used to "finish" the sounds, but you can use any chorus, compressor, transient or saturation plug-in to get similar results.
PUREMIX Matt Ross-Spang Episode 6 Recording The Horns TUTORiAL
Tracks like Eli "Paperboy" Reeds "Anytime You Want Me" and "That's Love" demand a great horn section. Luckily, Memphis is home to legendary horn players Kirk Smothers, Mark Franklin, and Art Edmaiston.

This is a world-class trio who has played on countless records and toured the world with artists like Melissa Etheridge, Gregg Allman, Justin Timberlake, and so many more.
Groove3 iZotope RX 6 Explained TUTORiAL
Scottie Dugan brings you the most comprehensive set of video tutorials about iZotope's new flagship repair and restoration suite, RX 6. This brand new series covers all versions of RX 6, including Elements, Standard and Advanced. So grab your audio, the doctor will see you now!

Scottie begins with in-depth overviews of the Waveform and Spectrogram window, user interface and keyboard shortcuts, as well as what to expect from the video series.
ProMixAcademy Mixing Rock with Ulrich Wild TUTORiAL
Learn the techniques and strategies of two professional mixers.

Hybrid Hixing
The best of analog and digital equipment

Follow Warren Through His Hybrid Mix Process
Learn how to use a combination of both analog and digital processing to create awesome sounding music.
From a vintage SSL console and analog outboard gear to his favorite plugin chains, Warren gives a complete breakdown of his mix.
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