ADSR Sounds Getting Started in Studio One 4 TUTORiAL
With its single-screen interface, intuitive editing tools and advanced virtual instruments Studio One is a formidable DAW. In version 4 PreSonus have added and improved features that help you tackle the challenges of modern production head on.

In this 230 minute course, Studio One power user Quanta walks you through all the essentials of getting started with PreSonus Studio One 4. Providing hands on demonstration so that you can get started with the software today.


Indepth technical walkthroughs with plenty of practical insights and examples that show you how to make the most of Studio One’s new and existing features and functions.
SkillShare Learn Sound Synthesis in Max for Ableton Live 10 TUTORiAL
In this Max class, I will be teaching you Sound Synthesis inside Max for Live in Ableton Live 10.

This class can also be used for anyone that has Max as a stand alone device.

Some of the topics covered are quite advantaged, so maybe don't take this class if you are brand new to Max.

See you in the class.

Music-Prod FL Studio 20 Customize FL Studio for Mac and PC TUTORiAL
In This FL Studio 20: Customize FL Studio for Mac & PC, I will show you how to customize FL Studio in just one day. Did you know that FL Studio is now supported by both Windows & Mac?

We're going to cover everything from how to customize the looks & feels of FL Studio to workflow tips and tricks that will make your life a lot easier when producing music with FL Studio 20!

This course is created for the absolute beginner as well as advanced users who wants to expand their knowledge in music production. We are covering all of the techniques that the biggest music producers are currently are using as well as limiting ourselves to create music. Everything that is done in this course is made in the box only - so all you need is a laptop such as MacBook Pro or a desktop computer such as an iMac or a Windows computer.
Ask Video MPC 101 Renaissance and Studio Revealed TUTORiAL
No one knows - or teaches - the legendary MPC like the Atlanta-based Hip Hop producer and MPC power-user Booker Edwards! So hop on the Booker Edwards Express as he demystifies the hardware and software that makes Akai’s MPC Renaissance and Studio the beat-makers of choice for urban producers everywhere...

Before you can drive this integrated hardware/software machine, you’ve got to know how it works, what makes it fly and what all those mysterious controls do. Think of this course as your map, your gateway into the MPC’s inner world where every feature and function is revealed and explained in exacting detail.
Ask Video Audio Concepts 106 Audio and MIDI Signal Flow TUTORiAL
Signal flow is essential knowledge to understand ANYTHING about AUDIO. This Audio Concepts course by Joe Albano, designed for musicians, engineers and producers, teaches you everything about the "ins and outs" of audio and MIDI signal flow. Watch it now!

Whether you’re working with a console desk in a large studio or with a virtual mixer in your DAW, it’s very important to have a solid understanding of audio routing and signal flow. This course, by audio engineer Joe Albano covers everything from hardware studio hookup to audio and MIDI signal flow in a DAW.
Ask Video MPC 201 Renaissance and Studio Advanced TUTORiAL
Now that the MPC’s controls are jammed into your brain, it’s time to put them to work and get creative! In this advanced MPC course, you learn the art of making music on Akai’s MPC Renaissance and Studio with Hip Hop producer and MPV expert Booker Edwards, Jr. leading the way…

You’ve got the tools. You’re getting your head wrapped around the software. Now it’s time to kick out the tracks! Building upon the knowledge of his MPC "Revealed” course, urban music artist Booker Edwards takes you beat-by-beat through his creative process and shows you how to produce an original Hip Hop track entirely from scratch! Let the inspiration begin!
Sonic Academy How To Make Pop with Austin Hull TUTORiAL
Sonic Academy proudly welcomes back Austin Hull this week and following on from his previous tutorials with us, we're checking out How To Make Pop with an awesome track 'Get Gone' featuring Stella Jones on vocals.

Starting with a blank template in Cubase, Austin builds this song from the ground up with a simple but catchy chord progression followed by synth pad and lead sound design using multiple layers and percussive elements to get the initial feel and groove.

Always keeping the vocalist in mind, Austin continues to build the track with wide variety and interest using further sound design, automation of filters and effects so there is plenty for the vocalist to work from.
Udemy Spice-Up Your Guitar SONG-Playing Develop YOUR Unique Style TUTORiAL
This course will change the way that you are playing songs. It's going to become a much more creative experience, open to your own interpretations and choices.

People will be touched and impressed with what you'll do on the guitar - and they'll want to hear more.

(for more details on the techniques and "spices" that you will learn - see the description below, and also the course curriculum content below)

Are you at a place where you can play songs that you love on the guitar, but you feel that most of them sound plain, and sort-of the same when you play them?
Sonic Academy How To Use Infected Mushrooms Gatekeeper with 2Scoops TUTORiAL
This week here at Sonic Academy we welcome back Noah Koroman aka 2Scoops to check out Infected Mushroom's volume modulation plugin in How To Use Gatekeeper.

Gatekeeper is the cutting edge of volume modulation. Capable of sample-fast transitions and equipped with a unique variable smoothing algorithm, Gatekeeper allows for drastic, punchy gating and sequencing while keeping the output smooth.

ELEPHORM Ableton Live 10 Prise en main TUTORiAL
Avec Ableton Live, vous pouvez faire de la musique partout : que ce soit chez vous, en studio ou sur scène. Le plus important est de comprendre son fonctionnement le plus vite possible pour se concentrer sur le principal qui est faire de la musique. Cette formation est faite pour passer cette étape rapidement et ne plus avoir à s’en préoccuper.

Tout au long de cette formation, vous êtes accompagné par Laurent Bonnet, musicien, compositeur, producteur et ingénieur du son. Spécialiste en outils numériques, il est Ableton Certified Trainer sur Live.

Vous commencez cette formation Ableton Live 10 en découvrant l’interface qui peut dérouter lorsque l’on ouvre Live pour la première fois.
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