Mr. Bill's Tunes The Art Of Mr. Bill Season 3 TUTORiAL
Ever wanted to learn how I make my music from scratch? Well, now you can. I know that's a cheesy ass line right there, but it's true! What I've created here in Season 3 of "The Art of Mr. Bill” is 10 episodes, each going for an hour each (obviously totalling in around 10 hours worth of content).

In the first episode, I begin writing a track and in episode 10 (10 hours later), I'm finishing that same track and mastering it. You can see that entire process right before your eyes, with no corners cut.

Course Delivery:
This course is made up of 10 x 1 hour (approx.) videos, each focusing on a new section of the writing process.
Groove3 iZotope RX 8 Explained TUTORiAL
Gary Hiebner presents comprehensive iZotope RX 8 video tutorials! This is the definitive video manual for iZotope RX 8 and takes you step-by-step from the beginning, covering every RX 8 module in-depth, along with sonic examples of each module in-action. Groove3 is the only iZotope approved tutorial partner, so you know the info is correct. You also get all of the audio files used in the videos, so you can follow along on your system and both see and hear the effects in real-time. These videos are designed for new iZotope RX 8 users.
Truefire Peter Mulvey String Traveler TUTORiAL
Peter Mulvey has been a songwriter, road-dog, raconteur, accomplished guitarist, passionate educator, and almost-poet since before he can remember. Eighteen records, one illustrated book, thousands of live performances, a TEDx talk, opening for luminaries such as Ani DiFranco, Emmylou Harris, and Chuck Prophet, appearances on NPR, emceeing festivals, hosting his own boutique festival… Mulvey's impressive pedigree is a mile long.

We're thrilled to welcome Peter to the family with his first TrueFire course, String Traveler. You will likewise be thrilled as you travel his enlightening curriculum with guitar and pen in hand.
Producertech Rebuiding Unstable Condition with John Tejada TUTORiAL
John Tejada’s ‘Unstable Condition’ is undoubtedly one of the biggest Deep House tracks from the last decade. As such, Producertech are thrilled to release this new course, in which John rebuilds the track from scratch, designing sounds, mixing and constructing the entire arrangement, so viewers can not only witness the process but also download and keep the completed project.
Truefire Ariane Cap Bass Fills and Trills TUTORiAL
Bass fills are cool! They spice up a line, punctuate a groove, and can sound impressive, dramatic or driving. Ariane Cap's Bass Fills & Thrills focuses on fills and the important function they play for bass players.

”We'll examine bass fills in-depth here, and I'll demonstrate how important they are and how they help you shine in the mix. I'll show you 13 creative strategies that you can use as your springboard for crafting your own bass fills.
Producertech Pro Audio Mastering Tips in Ableton Live TUTORiAL
This course teaches you the basics of mastering using entirely Live 9's internal devices. Course creator, Nick D'Ombrain, owner of Zeitgeist Mastering, has mastered many leading figures in the industry - Alex Smoke, Sascha Braemer, Orbital, D-Unity and Eric Volta, to name but a few.
CreativeLIVE Mixing Live Sound with Zach Varnell TUTORiAL
Mixing Live Sound can be one of the most daunting tasks for any engineer. In this class, Zach Varnell will walk you through the entire live sound production workflow, from loading in a PA and rigging and flying speakers to soundcheck and mixing on the fly.

In this class, you will get to see an entire day of load-in from Seattle's Capitol Hill Block Party along with a complete breakdown of a live sound production workflow and interviews with some of the country's top touring live sound engineers.
Udemy EDM Production: Finish Your Next Track in Less Than 2 Hours TUTORiAL
Learn how to finish more EDM tracks in less time, quickly and easily by using reference tracks.

This course is NOT about sound design, mixing or mastering. This course is about how to finish more music fast if you lack inspiration or find yourself stuck for ideas.

The course will cover some of the basics of arrangement and production:
Udemy Introduction to Piano Technique (Updated 10/2020) TUTORiAL
What you'll learn

Students will know exactly what to study in each day of the program.
Students will understand the core elements of a good Piano Technique.
Student will develop a system and a good technique routine.
Truefire Andy Wood 30 Shapeshifter Licks You MUST Know TUTORiAL
Cross-Genre Licks for Rock, Blues, and Country Guitar
In his first edition of Shape Shifter, Andy Wood showed you how to take fundamental harmonic and rhythmic knowledge -- concepts you already know -- and then twist it to fit appropriately into virtually any style. In his Creative Applications edition of Shape Shifter, you delved deeper into 10 creative approaches that you can use in your own playing, improvisations, and compositions.
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