PUREMIX Start to Finish Vance Powell Episode 11 Mixing Part 2 TUTORiAL
The gear is patched, the tracks are ready to go, and it is time to continue on with the mix!
In the second episode of mixing "Sweet Beast" from "Illiterate Light", Vance uses his signature techniques to continue dialing in the sound.

Watch as Vance:
Producertech Producer's Guide to Scaler 2 TUTORiAL
Scaler 2 makes creating musical patterns simpler and more enjoyable than ever, with a hugely-expanded feature set and improved interface, which make the software even more flexible and fun to work with than the already popular version 1. In this comprehensive course from Producertech Senior Tutor Rob Jones, you’ll be taken through every part of the plugin, whilst creating chords patterns, basslines, leadlines and arpeggios, working in a number of different DAW setups.
Udemy Audacity Pro Audio Podcast and Broadcast Production Mastery TUTORiAL
This complete mastery course is for you if you want to master the Audacity Audio editing and production software and learn how to podcast and broadcast your audio. It also includes extensive audio background and music stock library with the right for you to use in your audio production.

This is what you will get with this course:
TrueFire Mimi Fox Jazz Song Practice Playbook TUTORiAL
Effective Step-by-Step Method for Practicing & Learning Jazz Songs on Guitar
The most frequently asked questions our educators get are, "How and what should I practice to improve as a player?” and "What is the best approach for learning songs?” Mimi Fox to the rescue!
789TEN The Adrenalize Producer Pack V.1 WAV MiDi Synth Presets DAW Templates TUTORiAL
We are very proud to introduce to you the very first, one of a kind, producer pack from Adrenalize.

Malthe Mehlskov better known as Adrenalize is quickly becoming one of the biggest names in hardstyle. Notorious for his exceptional techniques as a producer and his heart melting uplifting melodies, Adrenalize lets out his production methodology, go-to presets, samples, and an expert level project file in his very first producer pack exclusively on 789ten.
Sonic Academy Track Walkthroughs Sean Tyas Matter Of Time TUTORiAL
To say we're excited is an understatement as we welcome along one of the most celebrated names in trance music this week - Sean Tyas - as he deep dives into a track walkthrough of his 2013 classic 'Matter Of Time'.

Lifting the lid on some of his techniques and sound design we get an in-depth look at how this track was created, from the driving bassline to the whipping acid line Sean runs through the processing involved on each element at a pace that replicates the track but is still straight forward and easy to follow.
Nail The Mix Vildhjarta Den Helige Anden Buster Odeholm TUTORiAL
Mixing Engineer: Buster Odeholm
Produced by: Buster Odeholm, Carl-Magnus Thomer, Daniel Bergström, Vilhelm Bladin
Performing Artist: Vildhjarta
Song Title: Den Helige Anden
Session Files: The multi-tracks are 48kHz, 24 bit WAV files.
Song Tempo: See tempo map
Nail The Mix Cognizance The Succession Of Flesh TUTORiAL
Cognizance is a technical death metal band from England. The story behind this recording is pretty interesting. Eyal recorded the drums in his Florida drum room, then flew to England to track everything else. Upon completion, Eyal flew back to Florida to finish up his version of the mix.
Nail The Mix Humanity's Last Breath Abyssal Mouth Buster Odeholm TUTORiAL
Mixing Engineer: Buster Odeholm
Performing Artist: Humanity's Last Breath
Song Title: Abyssal Mouth
Album: Abyssal
Session Files: The multi-tracks are 48kHz, 24 bit WAV files.
Song Tempo: 200BPM
Nail The Mix Angels And Airwaves The Adventure Tom Lord Alge TUTORiAL
Mixing Engineer: Tom Lord Alge
Performing Artist: Angels And Airwaves
Song Title: The Adventure
Album: We Don't Need To Whisper
Session Files: The multi-tracks are 44.1kHz, 24 bit WAV files.
Song Tempo: See Tempo Map
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