SkillShare How to Make Money with Music Licensing TUTORiAL
What is Music Licensing and how you use it? In this course composer/sound designer Gary Hiebner will guide you through the interesting world of Music Licensing and how it can benefit you as a musician. In this modern day world of music making, multiple revenue streams is the true way to go to be successful as an artist. And Music Licensing is a great way to take the music you already have and see if it can be used in other projects and media.

We will cover the different terms used in this field so you become familiar with how it works. Then we will explore the stock library platforms and how you can submit music to them. With these platforms titles, tags and keywords are of the utmost importance for generating sales. We’ll guide you on best practices for these and how they work.
SkillShare Drummer's Quick-Start: Counting, Notation, and The Backbeat TUTORiAL
Clay will take you through the fundamental skills you need to master. Plus, he'll get you playing right off the bat so you can start drumming along with your favorite songs! 

Udemy Piano Technique Exercises Vol.1 TUTORIAL

Learn these easy to follow exercises and enhance your playing.

Do you want to be able to play piano controlling your sound, phrasing and preventing injuries? Do you want to start playing piano with good technique since the beginning? If the answer is yes, this course is for you. Having a good piano technique is a must if you want to enhance your playing, it does not matter if you are an amateur, beginner, advanced or even a profesional musician, this course will provide you the tools to reach that control that is equivalent of having a good technique.
PUREMIX Mick Guzauski Mixing Ady Suleiman TUTORiAL
Grammy award winner Mick Guzauski teaches you how to create balance and add life to a track using subtle and intentional moves to craft a perfect mix. Learn how to skillfully balance countless tracks and thoughtfully enhance the producer’s vision for Ady Suleiman’s song "What’s The Score”.

This tutorial is for any engineer or producer looking for techniques they can use to create definition and clarity in their mixes.
SkillShare Making Beats! 3 Producers Share Their Best Tips & Strategies with Jason Allen TUTORiAL
This class is unlike any class I've done before: It is a fully collaborative class. That means you are not just going to be hearing about how I make beats, and my production tips and secrets. You will hear those, but you will also hear from two other well-known producers to show you some of their tricks as well. This is an art, and the best way to develop your own style is to hear the perspectives of several teachers - not just one.

For years I've been teaching Ableton Live in the college classroom. These classes I'm making for SkillShare use the same syllabus I've used in my college classes for years, at a fraction of the cost. I believe anyone can learn Ableton - and cost shouldn't be a barrier.
Lynda Real Books and Digital Accompaniment Tools for Musicians TUTORiAL
Do you want to learn to play new songs, make song charts, demo new song ideas, or practice chord changes? Digital accompaniment apps could be a great solution for you. Join Julio Appling as he demonstrates how to leverage real books to improve your musicianship and expand your musical vocabulary. 
Pensados Strive Music Marketing for the DIY Musician TUTORiAL
Welcome to Music Marketing for the DIY Musician, presented by professional artist, author, and educator Bobby Borg. At a time when new technologies make it more possible than ever for musicians to attract attention independently and leverage their own careers, and record industry professionals look exclusively for developed artists who are already successful, there has never been a greater need for this step-by-step, proactive, and practical video course created for musicians than now!
Ask Video Ableton Live FastTrack 302 The Art of Remixing TUTORiAL
House music legend Olav Basoski is back with a new Ableton Live FastTrack™ course. Learn the art of remixing with these tutorials, and get some fresh inspiration for your next remix!

Sometimes, it can be hard to know where to begin when remixing. You’re sitting there in front of your DAW, wondering when (or if!) creativity will strike. Luckily, legendary music producer Olav Basoski is here to show how to get that remix done… fast!

Ask Video Ableton Live FastTrack 206 Lives Creative FX TUTORiAL
Ableton Live comes with lots of great-sounding and colorful effect devices. Get inspired as you watch this extremely focussed, Noah Pred FastTrack™ course on Live’s collection of creative effects!

We all love audio effects, especially those creative devices that can completely transform your sound. In this FastTrack™ course, Ableton Live certified trainer and Producer Noah Pred covers Ableton Live’s creative FX. From distortion to the more intricate special effects, learn them all in this course!
Perfecting Stick Control & Using Dynamics for Drummers TUTORiAL
In this beginner quick-start class for drummers, you'll learn:

How to hold your sticks properly
Matched grip
Traditional grip
Striking cymbals (the right way)
Using technique to get the sound you want
The ideal cymbal angles and layout for your kit
Exercises to improve your stick control
How to practice volume dynamics
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