WA Production What About EDM FX 2017 WAV
'What About - EDM FX 2017' is a powerful and creative pack full of spine-tingling FX, made to allow you to just drag and drop the stems into your tracks. It is packed with 276 fills, FX Stems, impacts, risers, sub drops, various FX and white noise, that's 2.5 GB of powerful FX to help bring your track to life.

Though there is no clear history on how FX was made for music production, where it was found, or who can up with the idea, it kind of just happened. And thankfully it did, because for decades and decades FX has been a great way to fill empty spaces in productions, and has even been used as a melody driver.
Avosound Room Tones Sound Library Bundle WAV
Charge your server with more than 135 Room Tones from the Avosound Room Tones Library, 46 Industrial Room Tones and the IR1 Impulse Response Set for Altiverb and Avid Space. Because: Room Tones are everywhere. They are right here, wenn your read this site, they are behind you, they surround you - always and everywhere! Load them now on your server and use them in your project. The Room Tones Bundle contains a wide variety of room tones, they are humming, buzzing or just give a character or an impression of a room. Define size, style or a mood with the Avosound Room Tones Sound Library.
Origin Sound Midnight WAV MiDi
Origin Sound are proud to present "Midnight” - A dark and experimental library suppressing a realm inhabited with cinematic melodies, mysterious chord progressions, huge LFO’d bass lines, ethereal SFX and more. "Midnight” contains an extensive library of royalty-free samples weighing in at over 450mb.

"Midnight” contains every musical element needed to create a dark, cinematic, deep and gripping soundscape. Prepare to be blown away by lo-fi guitars processed with rare analog boutique pedals, haunting pianos, Rhodes keys, unconventional synth instruments with modern processing, ethereal pads and drones, haunting vocals and dusty atmospheres.
LGND Media Empires The Worship WAV MiDi AiFF APPLE LOOPS
'Empires - The Worship' is best described in two words. Beautiful music. In the creation process of this new series, LGND set out to create a space never done before in blending Folk, Contemporary and Pop in a single product. With no 808s or synth snares to be heard, every loop and sound is purely organic.

This collection of guitars beautifully slide and strum under the subtle backbeat of steel snares and tambourines, enforced with the deep punch of Ludwig bass drums and crisp hi-hats that make up the backbeat. This product is creation at its highest.
Empire Sound Kits The Antidote WAV MiDi

‘The Antidote’ from Empire SoundKits brings you a fresh Kit that is different to many Trap Kits out there today. They decided to bring back that Eminem & Dr. Dre type of Construction Kit.

Eminem is one of the best rappers around and his old style of beats will never go out of fashion. The sounds in this pack will help you achieve that timeless Eminem and Dre sound that is an instant classic.
Origin Sound Spectrum WAV MiDi
"Spectrum” Is a dusty collection of Hip Hop samples, including jazz infused chord progressions, flowing melody lines ranging from sax to guitar, deep bass guitar lines, vinyl toned cutting drums and more.

For "Spectrum”, we have dug deep in our crates for a vast range of authentic samples and sounds to take inspiration from such as delicate Rhodes keys to dusty guitar lines and smooth, flowing sax leads. These 34 musical inspirations will help you capture the desired vibe of any Hip Hop beat you can imagine.
Famous Audio Atmospheric Piano Themes Vol.4 WAV MiDi
We are proud to present our latest release "Atmospheric Piano Themes Vol 4” featuring 20 Cinematic crescendos and heart-wrenching piano phrases in WAV and MIDI format - all you need do is pick the right sound!

This pack brings you 20 professionally played and inspiring piano themes and 20 meticulously programmed MIDI files ranging between 70/90/100 BPM with durations from 1:00 up to 1:30. All files are BPM and key-labeled to make choosing the right file even easier. You have the ultimate freedom to choose your own sounds, edit the tempo, change the key, velocity, length and more.. We have given you as much flexibility as possible - that will perfectly fit into your productions. MIDI files are 100% compatible with all major DAWs. Try layering your own sounds with the included wav files for huge powerful melodies and hooks. This natural sounding piano will work in just about any track mix and will give you that rich-sounding piano that will fill up your song and make your next production a hit.
Soundbox Berlin Tech Uberpack WAV
Berlin Tech Uberpack includes a whopping 2 GB of Berlin Tech that has been collated just for you, so get ready to produce for days using these unrivalled loops and samples from the Soundbox vaults.

Speaker-pounding drum loops, groove-laden workouts, organic percussion and subbed-out basslines with nods to a more tech'd out style is what awaits you here. Hosting plenty of swelling synth lines and twisted FX to help create the building blocks to your next killer track.
'MNML 2' is the long-awaited sequel to one of the most creative Hip Hop series from LGND. With four heavy-hitting minimal Hip Hop Construction Kits, this collection is sure to be the best sequel yet.

With this new iteration, 'MNML 2' takes a more heavy-hitting approach with cinematic overtones in every Kit. The snares are crisp, the kicks are punchy, with deconstructed violins and pianos that have never been played like this before.
'TrapLoft'D 5' is the return of one of the most popular and chart topping collections from LGND. This collection is the celebraton of the 3rd year of this TrapLoft'D series and its longevty as one of the most innovative Hip Hop products to date.

With its high pitched chopped vocals, happy go-lucky leads and plucks, chest-rattling basslines and playful drums, this fifth installment is one that you can't miss.