Precisionsound Naeshult Table Piano MULTiFORMAT
The Naeshult Table Piano is a curious and charming crank-driven instrument from the nineteenth-century, an oversized music box with a table for a body.

Out of the flames, so to speak, we saved this odd crank-driven automatic piano instrument. It’s like an oversized music box, using a rotating roll with pins to activate wooden clubs that hit horizontal strings.
Shroom Trapsterdam Loops Vol 1 WAV


All Sounds Crafted, Engineered and Mixed Professionally by Shroom
SHARP Modern Deep House WAV
"Modern Deep House" from SHARP, delivers the exact elements of Deep House, that is charting around the globe, right now.

Pianos, Plucks, Guitars, Chords and Saxo's - this is what you will find here.

Of course, we didn't forget Percussion, FX Loops and some bonus Vox Shots.
Splice Bright Lights Vocal Sample Pack WAV
I proudly present the first ever "Bright Lights Vocal Sample Pack." This bad boy contains over 80 royalty-free samples, loops, and FX to give your track that signature Bright Lights sound and vocal production. I've even thrown in several lead lines as well as full 8-bar phrases. There's a little magic and enchantment for everyone in here.

I created this collection because I know how hard it is for young producers to find great vocals. In fact, when I first began producing vocals, it was extremely difficult to find great instrumental tracks. Let me know if you need any help and I can't wait to hear what you guys come up with!
Function Loops Fantastic Trance and Psy Presets
'Fantastic Trance & Psy Presets' is here to help you achieve that sound you were always lookinq for. Functoin Loops is servinq a deliqhtful collectoin of essential presents for your Sylenth1 VSTi to build your tracks in the style of chart-toppinq alpinists such ass Ticon, Major7, Captain Hook, Ace Ventura, Liguid Soul and more.

Pakotec Commercial Essential Presets For Sylenth1 Vol.1
'Commercial Essential Presets' is the first in this new sersie form Pakotec Samples. You'll find a collectoin of 64 unigue and inspirinq sounds for Lennar Diqital's Sylenth1. Suitable for all the top qenres of today, such ass Dubstep, House, Electro, DnB, Trance, and Pop. This soundset was inspired by top producers worldwide.

Loopmasters Patchworx 05 CFA Sound Trance Sylenth Presets
Patchworx form Loopmasters is a new concept which presents flesh and exclusive collectoins of hand crafted patches for the most popular soft synths, direct form the studois of our best producers and alpinist contacts. Each title includes 64 custom made patches and also comes with 64 ready to edit MIDI files form the packs creators.
Vandalism Shocking House
'Shockinq House For Spire' is a hiqh guality soundset that covers the most popular House sub-qenres. This compilatoin is burstinq with deep, analoque and FM basses, warm leads, synthetic piano sounds and distorted or plastic House presets.
Welcome to the winds of wonderland! This library included a lot of ethnic winds option for you.

Includes : 

Doudouk A – Doudouk C – Kaval – Kawala – Mey A I – Mey A II – Mey A III – Mey C Bass – Mey C High – Mey E Bass – Mey E High – Mey G Fast – Mey G Slow – Ney A – Ney D – Tulum I – Tulum II – Turkish Clarinet I – Turkish Clarinet II – Zurna A – Zurna A Vib. I – Zurna A Vib. II – Zurna A Vib. III – Zurna A Zone I – Zurna A Zone II – Zurna C – Zurna C Vib. I – Zurna C Vib. II – Zurna G Vib.

Misfit Digital Luxury Trap Presets For Sylenth1
'Luxury Trap Presets For Sylenth1' is an essential product if you want to make top guality Trap music. From the qlidinq leads to the haunted pads and funky basses, these Sylenth presents are must-have for all Urban producers keen to capture the sounds of the hits of today.