PatchWorx 74 Neuro Drum And Bass 2 For Ni MASSiVE
Patchworx 74 - Neuro Drum & Bass Vol 2 is a collection of the filthy synth presets for Native Instruments Massive dedicated to Drum and Bass and Dubstep producers looking for a brand new collection of Neurofunk weapons to decimate dancefloors worldwide.

This Patchworx collection has been produced exclusively for Loopmasters by Xenomorph and contains an incredible sonic sound bed of ready to play synths including Raw Distorted Basses, Modulated Sequences, Cavernous Pads and Fierce Leads and Twisted SFX, all with ready to tweak macro assignments to automate in your DAW.

This boosted Patchworx pack comes complete with not only 65 custom presets and 79 MIDI files which also include elements from the demo song, plus 70 Wav rendered versions of the selected patch and associated MIDI files.

....:::: Product Details ::::....
• 64 Native Instruments Massive Presets 
• 30 x Basses
• 02 x SFX
• 08 x Leads
• 07 x Pads
• 06 x Risers
• 04 x Sequences
• 07 x Stabs
• 01 x Sub Bass
• 79 MIDI Files
• 70 WAV Loops
• 227MB Content
• Requirements: Native Instruments Massive Version 1.5.0+ or higher.
PatchWorx 75 Trap For XFER RECORDS SERUM
Patchworx 75 - Trap Serum Presets is a stunning collection of cutting edge Basses, Leads and SFX Sounds programmed for Serum the incredible new wavetable soft synth by Xfer utilising all the cool modulations options the synth has to offer to create an incredible collection of contemporary Trap sounds guaranteed to add presence to your productions.

This Patchworx collection has been produced exclusively for Loopmasters by Adam Pollard aka Multipier featuring Bass, Drum, SFX, Leads, LFO Synths, One Shots, Pads, Riffs and Riser presets.

Each sound has been sonically designed and tested by Multiplier to ensure they will smash through a mix with ease and each preset comes with its own unique MIDI file melody to help fire off some inspiration for your next Trap production.

This boosted Patchworx pack comes complete with not only 64 custom presets and MIDI files but included in the download are all the Wav rendered versions of the patch and associated MIDI files for quick drag and drop inspiration.

Expect to hear Deep Low Basses, Twerky SFX, Energetic Risers, Bell Like Shots, Wobbly Leads, Spaced Synths and much more.

....:::: Product Details ::::....
• 64 Xfer Records Serum Presets
• 06 x Bass and Kicks
• 11 x SFXs
• 21 x Leads
• 05 x LFOs
• 11 x One-Shot
• 03 x Pads
• 03 x Riffs
• 03 x Risers
• 01 x Tom
• 64 MIDI Files
• 64 WAV Loops
• Requirements: Xfer Records SERUM Version 1.074+ or higher.
u-he ACE v1.4.0.3898 FIXED HAPPY NEW YEAR-R2R
ACE belongs to a new generation of synthesizers developed with the latest, fastest computers in mind. ACE offers classic modular synthesis and more at a fraction of the cost of dedicated hardware. But like its hardware forebears, you can patch any output into any input: the number of different ways to connect modules together is practically infinite. Needless to say, you will never run out of cables! 

The careful selection of modules and clear layout make ACE the ideal instrument for newcomers delving into the fascinating world of modular synthesis. But ACE also delivers the goods: like any medium-sized professional hardware system, ACE has enough synthesis power to keep you discovering new tricks for many years to come! 

List of Modules
- 2 x LFO (0Hz - 20kHz)
- 2 x ADSSR envelopes
- 2 x VCO (0Hz - 20kHz, PWM, VCO1-linked sub)
- 2 x VCF (LP1/LP2/LP3/LP4 and HP/BP/BR each)
- 2 x VCA with pan
- 2 x multiples (with modulation input)
- 1 x mixer (for standard sources + aux)
- 1 x ramp generator (loopable)
- 1 x mapping generator (up to 128 values)
- 1 x noise (white, pink)
- 3 x global effects (chorus, delay, 2 x tone)

Key Features

At first glance ACE may seem overly simplistic, but remember that virtually anything can be plugged into anything else. For instance, try plugging an LFO into a Filter, then use that filter as an FM source for an oscillator. Crazy routing is possible, endless fun is guaranteed!
semi-modular architecture, with default routing like ARP 2600

- 25 signal sources, 30+ signal targets
- up to 8 times unison with +/-2 octave detune range each
- exceptional filters, can self-oscillate
- LFOs can be used as VCOs and vice versa
- sync, FM, cross modulation
- use multiples for inversion, amp / ring modulation etc.
- custom LFO waveform "tap map"
- microtuning (Scala .tun standard)
- 100% free of Supersaws!
trau-ma Techno Synths 01 WAV
Trau-ma techno synths 01 contain 87MB of loops wav 24 bit. 

This package includes: 

• 18 Synth Loops 
• 5 Kick Loops 
• 5 Hihat Loops 
• 5 Ride Loops 

33 loops, 24 bit Wav, 128 BPM, 87 MB Unzipped.

*Other Genres that this package may be useful in: 

• Tech House
Fox Samples House Melodic Vocals 2 WAV MiDi
‘House Melodic Vocals 2′ is the highly awaited follow up of this top selling house product. Containing top quality arrangements and top notch vocals. Each of these construction kits is filled with up to date sounds inspired by the top producers in house and electro. With this product, all your song elements are already there waiting for you to structure them to your taste. These arrangements were inspired by David Guetta, Alesso, Tiesto, Avicii and others.

Product Description


1- 5 construction kits at 128Bpm

2- Midi Files

3- 24 bit WAV files

4- Vocals and Instruments are all tempo and key labeled

5- Over 395 MB of content

6- 100% Royalty Free
Fox Samples Progressive Power WAV MiDi
‘Progressive Power’ is a new hot product from Fox Samples, bringing you all the essentials of progressive house. Filled with melodic lines mixed with nice crisp drums. Get the sounds that are inspired by Swedish house mafia, Avicii, Nicky Romero and Hardwell.

Product Description


1- Five Construction kits at 128bpm

2- Midi Files

3- Standard/Acidized WAVs at 24 bit

4- All loop tempos and keys

5- Over 530 MB of content

6- 100% Royalty Free
Fox Samples Ovo Hotline WAV MiDi
Ovo Hotline from Fox Samples is a hot new release inspired by Drake’s new song that’s breaking the internet right now, Hotline Bling. This track is blowing up and is definitely on the road to become a monster hit. So the team at Fox didn’t waste any time to deliver you top notch sounds in that style.

Product Description


1- 5 construction kits at 120bpm and 130bpm

2- Wav files and Midi files

3- folders are tempo and key labeled

4- Over 300 MB of content

5- 100% Royalty Free
Fox Samples Emotive Choirs WAV MiDi
Emotive Choirs is a hot new product from Fox Samples. This pack delivers you top quality choirs filled with emotions. Totaling 100 loops, each loops are key labeled and placed in tempo labeled folders. This pack can be used for many different project, it’s up to you how to use it!

Product Description


1- 100 Choir Loops

2- WAV and MIDI files

3- All folders are tempo and key labeled

4- Over 780 MB of content

5- 100% Royalty Free
Fox Samples Pianovo WAV MiDi
Pianovo from Fox Samples is a awesome new piano product. This pack delivers close to 1GB of pianos inspired by the best from Drake and the whole OVO line up. These pianos have that emotional feel that will give your beat the right vibe. All loops come processed and dry, and also come with the midi to allow you to make any changes you need. You can’t go wrong with this library!

Product Description


1- 150 Piano loops between 90bpm and 105bpm (Wet and Dry)

2- All loops come in WAV and MIDI

3- All loops are tempo and key labeled

4- Over 890 MB of content

5- 100% Royalty Free

Drums and Basses in the demo are only intended for demo purposes
Inspiring Audios LoveTrap Chillwave For Ni MASSiVE
'LoveTrap Chillwave' this collection provides 62 current, original and innovative presets. All of which were expertly designed to give you instant inspiration and ideas for your next track. The sounds are for Chillwave, Synthpop, Synthwave, Chillout, Melodic House, Hip-Hop, Tropical House, and Pop genres.

Of course you can use them in any other genres to add more synthy chill textures to your music. These presets will become an indispensable support for your music production. 

....:::: Full Specifications ::::....
• 62 Special NI Massive Presets
• 03 x Arps
• 09 x Bass
• 24 x Leads
• 17 x Pads
• 04 x Plucks
• 03 x Keys
• 02 x Effect Presets + 01 Vocal One-Shot (.WAV Format) Inspired by Azion
• Requirements: NI Massive Version 1.4 or higher.