Polestar Magnetics XL1 CD1-2 CDDA-CHiC
Polestar - XL1, 2CD 73:05+72:40 - Instruments, - loops, fills, fx - techno * alternative * familiar - all-in-one for starters

Disc 1:

2-54 drum and percussion samples 
55 synthesised drumloops 
56 synthesiser loops 
57-75 synth samples, hits, chords, pianos 
76-79 bass/guitar/orchestral/brass hits, loops and fills 
80-82 guitars, organs 
83 strings 
84-86 ethnic 
87-96 voice samples 
96-98 vocoder samples 

Disc 2:

1-65 loops (mainly drums) 
65-66 fills 
67-70 synth FX 
71 synth FX (instruments) 
72-86 real sounds: things, electric devices, syrens, drives, nature, water, metal things, fire, 
thunder etc. 
87-88 FX
89 vinyl scratches (real!) 
90 applauses 
91-95 oohs, aahs, screams, sex
The “Trap Kid” Nexus XP
Here is a totally free nexus XP for all the fans and supporters of our website. The Trap Kid ReFX Nexus Expansion comes with 97 presets for you to go crazy with. We are still providing free stuff for you guys even though we just dropped The Bando Keys Kontakt Library which is one of the dopest kontakt libraries ever! (Go Check It Out)
JPlanet Entertainment Audio Edition HQ Piano Ballad Melodies Vol.1 WAV AiFF Apple Loops REX MIDI
'Audio Edition: HQ Piano Ballad Melodies Vol 1' was made by award-winning composer and producer Mikolaj Jaskolka. This top-class composer works daily on projects with Grammy-winning producers. These 15 melodies were recorded in four different formats, AIFF, WAV, REX2 and MIDI.

REX2 files were precisely cut to work with any tempo you need. All of these melodies are royalty-free and key-labelled.

'Audio Edition: HQ Piano Ballad Melodies Vol 1' will power up your music productions with awesome loops that will work perfectly within multiple music genres. 

Product Details:

• 15 MIDI loops
• 15 AIFF loops
• 15 WAV loops
• 15 REX2 loops
• All files are key-labelled
• Transpose them to any key (MIDI)
• Use any tempos (MIDI & REX2)
LeuNatic - Winter Wars Drum Kit (Remastered) (WAV)
After going back and listening to a few packs and kits I created, I embarrassingly overlooked the cracked samples and distorted chops. I apologize sincerely. Not that this makes anything better, I went through the entire Winter Wars kit and extracted the broken hits and distorted snares. The loops have been cleaned up and just for reading this sentence, I threw in a couple dozen relevant, ill sounding chops to get production wet again. Thank you for bearing with me, enjoy! Please don't post any mirrors. With respect, LeuNie

In The Kit:
84 Samples, FX and Chops
9 Handcrafted Bonus Chops w/ BPM
Remastered Drum One Shots 
Kicks (6)
Hats (3)
Snares (9)
Percs (1)
Drum Rolls (3)
177MB / 24 bits 48 khz
Loopy Tunes Loopy Tunes Vol.1 WAV
'Loopy Tunes Vol 1' contains 30 breakbeat arrangements, presented as song length samples, rather than short loops. These contain variations and fills, ready for you to drop into existing productions or combine with acapellas.

With complete tracks ranging from 1 - 3 minutes, these breakbeat arrangements come with plenty of variations to keep your track fresh and interesting. The patterns naturally evolve and develop layers, ready for you to structure choruses or dense instrumental sections around.

Of course, you can also chop these loops into smaller blocks to be mixed and matched as you see fit.

Track List:

01. [87 BPM] Funker
02. [96 BPM] Flip-Flop
03. [105 BPM] Cornflakes
04. [106 BPM] Raptrap
05. [115 BPM] Jigsaw
06. [120 BPM] Scuba
07. [120 BPM] Twilight
08. [123 BPM] Vamp
09. [128 BPM] Biosphere
10. [130 BPM] Bisquit
11. [130 BPM] Droid
12. [131 BPM] Panic
13. [132 BPM] Slider
14. [135 BPM] Detroit
15. [135 BPM] Gravy
16. [139 BPM] Teabreak
17. [140 BPM] Jaybreak
18. [141 BPM] Scoobyloop
19. [143 BPM] Shizsticks
20. [145 BPM] Barbwire
21. [145 BPM] Mooloop
22. [150 BPM] Holdup
23. [150 BPM] Kingpin
24. [150 BPM] Phreaker
25. [160 BPM] Omen
26. [160 BPM] Trekrodite
27. [165 BPM] Smarties
28. [165 BPM] SOS
29. [169 BPM] Gator
30. [170 BPM] Slammer
Loop Nerds Progressive House 2K13 ACID WAV MiDi-MAGNETRiXX
Progressive House 2K13 from Loop Nerds features five hot Progressive House Construction Kits. Filled with amazing and unique sounds, this pack will give you all the elements you need to create that anthem for 2013. From melodic to harsh and dirty, its all there!

Start 2K13 with a bang!

Product Features:

Over 355 MB of content

100% Royalty-Free

All keys and tempos are included


Progressive House


• MIDI Files
• ACID/WAV Loops (24-Bit audio quality)
Loop Nerds Dutch Me Baby ACID WAV MIDI
'Dutch Me Baby' from Loop Nerds brings you five of the best Electro House Construction Kits blended with the finest Dutch sounds in MIDI and WAV formats. These amazing Kits are inspired by some of the biggest club and radio hits of today.
These sounds are perfect for Electro and Dutch House productions.

Product Features:

• 330 MB of content
• 100% Royalty-Free
• All keys and tempos are included


• Electro House/Dutch House


• MIDI files
• ACID/WAV (24-Bit audio quality)
Flintpope Simpler Synth FOR ABLETON LIVE ALP
Live 9.5 introduced new analog-modeled filters based on classic vintage hardware models that will self-resonate, feedback, and distort beautifully. These filters were included in Simpler. 
I've taken advantage of these in SIMPLER SYNTH, an eight-pack of synths based on simple waveforms modulated by these new shapers to produce surprisingly powerful and versatile sounds.
Flintpope Multipads FOR ABLETON LIVE
The synthesiser Max Multi, layered up, can create great mellotrons and strings so here's a pack of 17 variations on those sound themes.

You'll need Ableton Live 9.5 and Max for Live