Controversial Loops Illustrious Drumkit Part 2 WAV
Also are chants inside the kit are from Baybee T productions, purchase this kit now and get to making some hot productions! 

AlL the loops are ROYALTY-FREE and tempos are included on the loops. 

It's also available for all DAWS, also included is a bonus of 10 additional loops! This pack is a must-have!

Pack Details:

Noble Beats Illustrious Part 1:

• 808s - 12
• Claps- 8
• Effects - 4
• Ethnic Drums - 6
• Hi-hats - 6
• Kicks - 12
• Custom-made loops - 6
• Snares - 10
• Custom stomps and stabs - 6
• 70 WAV sounds

Cognition Strings Minimal Techno WAV
Cognition Strings presents 'Minimal Techno', Samples library exclusively of Minimal/Techno inspired by the greatest artists such as Cosmic Boys, Traumer, Carlo Ruetz, Gaga. In this package you may find Fx environment specifically designed to create dark climates, very deep and low remastered to fall into the depths of a mix.

Synthesizer sounds Particularly suitable for dark lines and more to bring their productions to the highest of the professional league.

......:::::: Product Specifications ::::::......
• Format: WAV
• 12 x Bass Loops
• 33 x Beat Loops
• 17 x Music Loops
• 11 x Percussion Loops
• 20 x Tops
• 10 x Vocal FX

......:::::: One-Shots ::::::......
• 30 x Hi-Hats
• 12 x Kicks
• 12 x Claps/Snares
• 25 x Percussion

• 182 Loops In Total
• 44.1kHz 24-Bit High Quality
• Compatible With All DAWs
• PC & Mac Compatible
Maverick Samples Summer Tropical House vol.2 WAV MIDI
'Summer Tropical House Vol 2' from Maverick Samples includes six Construction Kits containing everything you need to build hot Summer hits, including leads, percussion and FX, all 100% Royalty-Free.

All samples have been recorded in high quality 24-Bit/44.1kHz WAV format.

Technical Specifications:

• 6 Construction Kits
• 105 BPM
• 24-Bit WAV loops
• 113 Files (WAV & MIDI)
• Over 356 MB of content
• 100% Royalty-Free
Zenhiser Progressive Excellence ACiD WAV
Progressive Excellence is harmonious collection of modern progressive sounds invented to uplift the soul. Ranging from resonant rhythms to heavenly melodies this sample pack delivers a stylish modern take on the origins of Progressive House. Explore this hypnotic collection through a technicolour journey of ecstatic loops and find unique concepts for your latest productions.

Inside you’ll encounter a myriad of beautifully written content allowing you to express your future tracks in endless euphoric and rhythmic possibilities. Emotive synths, effective beats, impulsive basslines and spontaneous fx merge to construct expressional tools right at your fingertips. This tremendous sample pack will transform your concepts to new sonic limits, so set aside a considerable amount of time whilst you experiment with the expressive loops that resonate throughout this sizeable pack. 

This Progressive House sample library is available to download in 24-Bit Wav and available for immediate download. BPM within the pack is 126bpm with key information included in file names. It’s time to get elated so grab this sample library now and turn your track onto cloud nine.

Progressive Excellence includes:

Basslines - 60
Drum Beats - 180
Full Mix Loops - 60
FX - 30
Synth Lines - 120

BPM Range - 126bpm
Monster Sounds Chilled Trap Step MULTiFORMAT
Monster Sounds presents Chilled Trap Step.

Blurring boundaries between electronic genres, Chilled Trap Step is a journey into the exciting post dubstep mash up of the hard Street style of Trap fused with a more thoughtful electronica Sound scape.

Driven by the earth shaking 808 kick and modern glitched chopped drum programming, the rhythm elements of this pack are true to the roots of the trap genre, hard urban and pulsing pushed forward with fast 16th and triplet hat patterns.

We have split the drums into the tops and bottoms to make editing easy and there is a great selection of sounds for your productions with a tidy 56 drum loops and 77 hits.

Put these with the 34 fat crafted trap style bass lines in the pack and you have a thunderstorm for your subs.

The Chilled Musical element of the pack we feel gives an amazing breadth of warmth and emotion to this stunning collection of sounds, Pulling out all the stops we have put together 71 musical loops ranging from warm cinematic pads, organic string sections and thoughtful piano riffs each with soulfully crafted chord sequences rounded off with a selection of huge rousing Synth lines, still keeping the chilled vibes, but that could easily be flipped into being the musical element of a fat floor filler.

Included is a great set of glitch elements to the pack with vocals and Fx loops, risers, hits etc. All adding an extra layer and giving a really nice modern electronica feel to the pack.

Finally and as always we have the all important Multis including 15 Bass multis, and 6 Synth multis also 10 drum kits so you can play it your way .

At just under 1GB and split over 2 tempos of 120 bpm and 140 bpm we feel this pack has what it takes to allow you to create truly beautiful hair on the back of the neck moments with the choice of musical elements and loops but still with enough oomph in the beats and bass to hold it down in a club.
If you have even the vaguest interest in anything cosmological, you will no doubt be aware that NASA and other international space agencies have been sending probes out into the deepest recesses of our solar system and, with the aid of telescopes as well, have been recording the radio waves emitted by our universe and converting them to audio. The music of the spheres as was once referred to in the middle ages ... or the Sounds Of The Universe ... or SOTU.

It's intriguing and beguiling stuff - long evolving soundscapes that rumble and warble and bleep and phase and swirl, the kind of thing you might expect from an exquisite album of abstract electronica or 'chill out' music. I did contact NASA to license these recordings but they weren't keen. Well... bollocks to them because...

It's all a con, a cunning ruse - there's a race of impish aliens out there who have a machine that generates these sounds which they broadcast around the cosmos to confuse us earthlings ...

And we have laid our hands on it and recreated it for Kontakt 4...

There are resonant low and highpass filters, an 'interference' control, 'cloud width' to expand the stereo image, an ADSR envelope, velocity and balance controls and a comprehensive chain of effects that include chorus, flanger, phase shifter, echo and convolution reverb with custom sound designed impulses to represent the surreal depths of the cosmos. We've taken the unusual step of following one my synth idols, Isao Tomita (冨田勲さん), the Japanese synthmeister and total master of 'space music' by putting the echo AFTER the reverb thus smudging everything beautifully into a wash of sound which could emanate from a grand cathedral on some distant planet in another galaxy.

And by carefully analysing the NASA and other recordings, we have isolated the elements involved and have been able to recreate the 'sounds of the universe' which can be generated at random by clicking on the 'mandaloria scope' centre screen...

There are four elements - one (shown in white) is always a dense 'composite' created through multitracking abstract sounds from HS Towers' analogue modular system, created using low frequency and pink noise, noise modulated voltage controlled oscillators and filters through ring modulators, the Q130 Clipper/Rectifier, the band and notch reject filters of the Q107 state variable, the Q150 Moog clone transistor ladder filter, Q127 Fixed FIlter Bank and the delightfully quirky 'Sea Devil' VCS3 clone filter...

The trick (and the tricky bit) was to make and blend these sounds to be as 'organic' as possible and not sound synthesised in any way. Thankfully, the 'organic' and living and breathing nature of a true analogue modular lends itself well to this.

The other three elements are simpler (again, created on the Dotcom modular as above) but which are combined in SOTU to create all the elements that go to create the cosmic wash of 'spacescapes' that the NASA and other recordings are famous for. A simple click on the 'mandaloria scope' will generate these with ease - no complex programming ... just a simple click and tweak to taste. Couldn't be simpler.
The Producers Choice Industry Standard Kit WAV
The Industry Standard Hip Hop Drum Collection is the cutting edge of drum sound packs, combining the punchy, crisp and cutting drum sounds needed to produce industry standard music.

*Newly Updated 2013 Version!

Two years in the making, we are proud to release our debut hip hop drum samples collection.

Producers and bloggers have been calling this kit 'The hottest hip hop drum samples in the game'

The Industry Standard Hip Hop Drum Collection is the cutting edge of drum sound packs, combining the punchy, crisp and cutting drum sounds needed to produce industry standard music.

This Library Contains:

50 Punchy Kicks
50 Crisp Snares
50 Cutting Claps
30 Hi-Fidelity Cymbal Hits
30 Hi-Hat Hits
30 Percussion Hits
30 Shaker Hits
30 Tom Hits
300 Drums In Total
These samples are in 16-bit WAV format and are compatible with most music production workstations and software!
Are you looking for cutting edge EDM presets for Xfer Serum - search no more! THE ONE happily present to you THE ONE Mainstage EDM Vol 2, coming with 64 high standard EDM presets for Xfer Serum, just a click away.

Not only does this package contain top notch synth presets, but also custom Serum Wavetables/Waveforms, MIDI Loops, and WAV samples. All presets feature full usage of the synth, which involves innovative sound design using many different techniques used by the pros, creative usage of the FX rack, and full usage of the 4 Macro controls and the Mod Wheel.

More than this, many of the presets include velocity linking, and most presets involve randomizing LFO's - all to make the presets respond as professionally and naturally as possible. These sounds were made for the mainstage, so this is where you'll end up by using these sounds. Hear the demo, which showcases a large number of the presets and what they're capable of.

....:::: Full Specifications ::::....
• 64 Xfer Records Serum Presets
• 06 x Arps
• 16 x Basses
• 06 x FX
• 23 x Leads
• 07 x Pads
• 06 x Risers

....:::: Bonus Content ::::....
• 76 Custom Wavetables & Waveforms
• 11 MIDI Loops From The Demo
• 32 WAV Samples From The Demo

• List Of What Presets Where Used In The Demo
• The Demo As An MP3
• Suitable Genres: EDM, Electro House, Electro, House, Complextro, Bigroom House, Hardstyle
Decap Drums That Knock Vol 1 WAV
Drums That Knock is a response to producers asking me how I get my drums to "knock so hard".

• All sounds and loops are 100% Royalty-Free.
• All sounds are crafted, sculpted, specially designed to KNOCK / punch through your speakers.
• All sounds are 100% original (no recycled sounds).
• All loops are labeled with the tempo and ready to drop right into your DAW with no editing required.
• Works with any DAW or beat machine (Ableton, FL Studio, Logic, Reason, MPC, Maschine, etc).

......:::::: Product Specifications ::::::......
• Format: WAV
• 10 x 808s
• 12 x Hi-Hats
• 14 x Kicks
• 25 x Percussion - Other
• 14 x Snares
• 20 x Loops
• 95 Loops In Total
• Compatible With All DAWs
• PC & Mac Compatible
• 100% Royalty-Free
100 Akres Ltd Timmy Rickard Dirty Arse Drum Breaks Vol.2 KONTAKT
100 Akres has announced the release of Timmy Rickard's Dirty Arse Drum Break series for the full version of Kontakt 5.1+. Recorded through high quality gear with vintage mic'ing techniques, the Kontakt version adds modern functionality to further tweak Timmy's drum breaks as well as playback of the loops in pre-defined slices.


98 original drum breaks/loops played and engineered by Timmy Rickard
Drum breaks ranging in tempo from 81 BPM to 119 BPM
6 fx sections: Dirt, EQ, Delay, Compressor, Reverb, ASDR, and Noise Reduction
FX bypass buttons for each section
Drum breaks uniquely pre-sliced into one shots per BPM bank (in addition to the full loops)
Change the pitch of loops and one shots for quirky results

Recording Chain:

60's Gretsch Kit
Bosphorus cymbals
2 x Coles 4038 Ribbon Mic
API Preamps
RME Converters
Cartec Audio EQP*1A