Unison Artist Series Gill Chang Samples Volume 1 WAV
Unison Artist Series Gill Chang Samples Volume 1 WAV
Unison is proud to present - Unison Artist Series - Gill Chang Samples. If you want to fuse different genres into your own unique style... Then this pack is for you. With tracks featured on Buygore, MrSuicideSheep, OTODAYO and more, Gill Chang has built an organic following of over 60k on Soundcloud over the last few years.

His diverse and unique style can be heard on popular hits like "Story”, "Feels Right” "Hearts” and more. Gill Chang’s first Unison-exclusive sample pack contains over 150 of his signature sounds that he uses daily. Inside you’ll find natural brass hits, warm basses, crisp claps, clean kicks, unique drum fills, vast selections of FX and much more exported straight from Gill Chang’s projects!

From Gill Chang Himself:

"This pack is an extension to the kind of music I want to be making this year. Like all my packs, I always try to craft something unique. I hope that shows in your productions when you choose to use my samples!”

Product Specifications:

015 x Clean Kicks
015 x Crisp Claps
026 x Punchy Snares
010 x Pristine Hi-Hats
016 x Unique Percussions
010 x Banging Toms
011 x Natural Brass Hits
011 x Warm Basses
008 x Full Synth And Lead Stems
020 x Ear Candy FX
157 x Individual (.WAVs) Files In Total
44.1kHz 24-Bit High Quality
Compatible With All DAWs

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Unison is proud to present: Unison Artist Series - Holly Samples Vol 1. If you’ve been wanting sounds that will push your creativity outside the box. Now is the time to access them. At only age 22, Holly has racked up an impressive fan base of over 50,000 as a result of his captivating and original style.
Splice Gill Chang Osotyt Delirium Sample Pack WAV Splice Gill Chang Osotyt Delirium Sample Pack WAV
"I made this pack with my good friend OSOTYT in hopes to engineer some more bass heavy samples. The focus of this pack is the bass one shots paired up with the weird vox one shots. This is why we called it Delirium. The music you'll be making with this pack will make it seemed like you're going a little insane." - Gill Chang

Splice Sounds josh pan x Gill Chang Childhood Vol. 2 WAV Splice Sounds josh pan x Gill Chang Childhood Vol. 2 WAV
Josh Pan and Gill Chang have known eachother since adolescence - hence the titular "Childhood” series of their sample packs. They’ve carried on their collaborations from elementary school, be it art or music back then, to adulthood where their trap, R&B, and future bass stylings mesh. Loops and sounds from various works of theirs both together and seperate come together in Childhood Vol. 2.

Splice Sounds Ambiguity Vol 4 by Gill Chang WAV Splice Sounds Ambiguity Vol 4 by Gill Chang WAV
"Creativity is often open to interpretation."

Gill Chang's fourth pack, Ambiguity, is a product of forward thinking genres and crafted around future bass and trap. It contains many creative loops and fills, and also a variety of hard hitting slaps (snare/claps). Each sound in this pack was crafted, layered and mixed to be distinct and different from the sea of sample packs out there!

Ambiguity Vol.4 includes:

5x 808s
15x claps
19x loops
11x drop lead melodies/ideas
13x fills
15x kicks
18x slaps
5x sloms
10x toms
10x vox 1 shots

A total of 121 samples.
Gill Chang Eventuality Vol 1 WAV Gill Chang Eventuality Vol 1 WAV
'Eventuality Vol 1' contains over 170 Samples crafted for the Future Bass genre. In this pack you will get a plethora of Risers, Snares and Snare Rolls in action, ready for your future tracks. This pack is sure to contain samples which will fit right in to your sound library. With processed samples that don't need much work, you will find inspiration for your Future Bass productions with ease.

Expect to find kicks with a ton of impact, creative snare claps, precise snare rolls & fills, FX, synth & vocal risers, bass one-shots, heavyweight 808s and much more.

.......::::::: Product Specifications :::::::.......
• 24-Bit WAV Files
• 25 x Kicks
• 50 x Snare Claps
• 10 x Snare Rolls/Fills
• 05 x Synth Risers
• 05 x Vocal Risers
• 25 x Hi-Hats
• 20 x Bass One-Shots
• 20 x Synths
• 20 x Toms
• 10 x 808s
• 03 x FX
Gill Chang Inevitablity Vol 2 WAV Gill Chang Inevitablity Vol 2 WAV
'Inevitablity Vol 2' comes with over 200 Samples, with the main focus being loops directly sampled from top tracks and remixes from label producer Gill Chang. In this pack, loops have been sampled and mixed directly from Gill Chang's edits, remixes, and originals from previous packs for you to use in your own productions. The possibilities are unlimited, so let your imagination do the work.

The pack also contains custom made loops as well as custom mixed/layered percussive snare, clap and slaps action. It will include the building blocks to the tracks, minus the original copyrighted vocals and samples.

All mixed, mastered and created for you to use in your productions. Drag, cut, pitch, and drop and you're good to go.

.......::::::: Product Details :::::::.......
• 24-Bit WAV Format
• 10 x Kicks
• 25 x Percussive Snares, Claps, Slaps
• 26 x Percussive Sounds
• 26 x Custom Melodic, Percussive, Claps, Snare Loops
• 15 x Creative Snare Rolls for Drum Fills
• 25 x Well Crafted Vocal One-Shots
• 20 x Demo Track Samples & Loops
• 56 x Loops and Samples Sampled Directly from Edits, Remixes & Originals
• 09 x Exclusive Loops & Samples from 'Zedd - Candyland' Edit