6000+ Presets for u-he Zebra 2 Synth Presets
6000+ Presets for u-he Zebra 2 Synth Presets
Zebra is the wireless modular synthesizer. It combines many different types of synthesis with a powerful modulation engine. You will get 6000+ presets for u-he Zebra 2. All presets are sorted by type: Arp, Bass, Brass, Leads, Keys, SFX, Pads etc.

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Zenhiser Huge Zebra 2 Presets Synth Presets Zenhiser Huge Zebra 2 Presets Synth Presets
Huge Zebra 2 Presets is our first sound bank for U-he’s Zebra 2 synth, it’s designed for the current EDM scene but caters for nearly all genres of dance music. Delivering punchy, clearly detailed sounds with extreme presence these presets will transform your Zebra 2 synth into a sonic fuelled monster. The bank contains a multitude of styles including Leads, Plucks, Chords, Pads, Poly, Bass & Sequences. Every preset was designed from the ground up and balances both drive and clarity to create an incredible sound palette.
Perimeter Sound Locksmith Keys & Leads for Zebra 2 Perimeter Sound Locksmith Keys & Leads for Zebra 2
Locksmith is all about the Keys & Leads, good any time you need some interesting keys or a one of a kind lead sound. It also features lots of patches that utilize the Zebra ‘duophonic’ mode.

I threatened it, and I have done it, a 6th Zebra presets collection. 

This time the focus is on Keys, and Leads, as the name might have given away. Quite a few of the leads use the Zebra duophonic mode for some cool nu skool legato type effects on sounds. And speaking of fx on sound, I made it a priority to dial back the modwheel assignments. Trust me when I say these are my most mellow, and probably useful patches ever. Or better yet, stop by and grab the freebee try-before-you-buy pack and hear that it's true.

for Zebra 2.7 or higher

Patchpool Second Thoughts for Zebra Patchpool Second Thoughts for Zebra
For years I wanted to create another soundset for Zebra, as the patchpool journey started with some Kontakt patches and a sound-bank for Zebra.

2nd Thoughts contains 86 fresh patches for the legendary Zebra synthesizer. Since my first soundset for it, I gathered even more experience and knowledge about synth programming, sound design and sonic art in general, all of this has accumulated in this set.

This collection includes rich animated textures, drones and pads, often tempo-synced, expressive and fat leads, intricate sequencer grooves, snappy plucks and versatile bass sounds, beautiful tonal and haunting atonal soundscapes, experimental noises and physically modeled fantasy instruments. All of the oscillator waveforms and wavetables were created in Zebra's wavetable editor and all patches have up to four x/y-Macros assigned. All patches also make use of the modulation wheel and often aftertouch.

86 presets including 2 variations
Soundscapes - Drones – 21
Sequencer – 17
Pads – 12
Leads – 8
Synth - Keys – 14
Bells - Plucks – 7
Audio Imperia Subterra for U-He Zebra Audio Imperia Subterra for U-He Zebra
"Subterra" is a compilation of over 100 atmospheric and cinematic presets for u-He's Zebra synthesizer.

The collection includes:

Arp Presets
Bass Presets 
Drum Presets
Drone Presets
FX Presets
Key Presets
Lead Presets
Pad Presets
Pluck Presets

U-HE Zebra Preset Pack Update 2016 U-HE Zebra Preset Pack Update 2016
19,000 presets sorted for easy use in U-He Zebra
Added 1,000 more presets 9/9/2016.
Resorted the Orchestra folder added Guitar Electric 
Strings Ambient,Strings Hard and Soft, Bell Arp ect,
Resorted pads folder added Pads Soft & Warm 1 to 3 
all other mix pad presets have now been moved to there pad sound folders
Pads Trance, Pads Hard,Pads Evolving ect
Sound Artenuovo Padsheaven Bundle Pack for u-he Zebra 2 Sound Artenuovo Padsheaven Bundle Pack for u-he Zebra 2
An ultimate collection of useful lyrical and dramatic pads, effects and soundscapes from a multiple golden and platinum record composer for u-he's Zebra 2 VSTI synthesizer.

Padsheaven features 128 presets, including 96 pads and 32 additional keys, leads, plucked instruments, bass, and drum/percussion sounds.
The patches have descriptive titles and they are categorized for ease of use. Various parameters are assigned to velocity, aftertouch, pitchbend and modwheel, and each patch has detailed information on what is assigned and how a sound was designed or intended to be played.
In this bundle you can find all the beauty pads which you can use in almost all styles from classical pop/rock ballads to moviescores or even in most up to date compositions. Two collections, 261 presets for u-he Zebra 2!