SoundBits Just Stones WAV
SoundBits Just Stones WAV
The "Just Stones” sound effects library brings you a huge amount of sounds created with stones. Ranging from impacts, shatters and rolling stones to scrapes, slides, water hits and tickling fine derbis.

All sorted in sub folders and with embedded metadata.
All sounds were recorded with Sennheiser MKH8050 + MKH30 mix setup in 24Bit and 192kHz, cleaned, edited and downmixed to stereo. Since many of the sounds are quite mono-ish you can download the complete library also as mono files from only the MKH8050 mic.

•Number of files: 578 Files
•Quality: 192 kHz / 24 Bit / Stereo + Mono
•Total Size: 1,91 GB

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SoundBits Crash and Smash WAV SoundBits Crash and Smash WAV
The "Crash & Smash” sound effects library contains over 1110 sounds of destruction. For this collection I went on rampage at several junk yards around my hometown and in a huge stone pit. Collecting a vast amount of crash sound effects. Other than the Just Impacts libraries this one focuses more on crashing sounds with all the rumble and debris.
SoundBits The Blacksmith WAV SoundBits The Blacksmith WAV
The Blacksmith Sound Effects Library features 800 files with over 1000 sounds that were recorded while a one day visit at an old Forge from the last millennium.
All sounds were recorded in MS using a Sennheiser MKH-8050 + Ambient ATE 208 going in a Sound Devices 788T in 192kHz and 24Bit.
The sounds are cleaned and edited for direct use. All mastered and decoded to stereo for instant use.
You get tons of hammering metal on an anvil of course but also many other generic forge sounds right up to more unusual sonic experiences. Mostly metallic sounds. From tools handling, metal hits, drops, clank of chains to vibrating metal poles, rattling cranks, wooden hatches and much more
These sounds can be used for a vast number of different production types.

SoundBits Electric Typewriters WAV SoundBits Electric Typewriters WAV
The "Electric Typewriters” Sound Effects Library is a composite collection of 4 and half (yes half, one machine was broken) (old) electric Typewriters. You will find sounds ranging from opening/closing covers, pressing keys, random typing, electric motor movements of the writing head, mechanic-hammering of the letters, small mechanical levers and so on…

All sounds were recorded with a Sennheiser MKH8050 through a UA Apollo 8 and a RODE NTG-3 through a Sound Devices 744T.
SoundBits Open and Close WAV SoundBits Open and Close WAV
This sound library delivers a composite and very versatile collections of sounds of all kinds of things that can be opened and/or closed.
Obviously there are several doors, hatches and drawers but also lots of other opening and closing sound effects that will come in handy in your everydays sound design work, especially for Cartoon productions and Game Audio. You will also find, Roller Shutters, Boiling Pot Lids, Umbrellas, Water Boilers, Boxes, … most with several variations.
You can use the sounds as they are or use them for intense sound design.

SoundBits Unsettling Creaks and Squeaks Extension I WAV SoundBits Unsettling Creaks and Squeaks Extension I WAV
Here comes a new SoundBits | Sound Effects release. It’s the first extension to the very popular "Unsettling Creaks and Squeaks” sound library.

This Sound Effects library is a composite collection of 345 files with even more single sounds of unsettling and and unpleasant squeaking and creaking elements. It’s a great starting point for designing a vast number of different soundscapes in various genres. From just using the sounds as general Hard Effects, through Science Fiction to Horror.

All sounds are production ready. Cleaned, Edited and leveled. All with with embedded BWF Metadata.

You get door and furniture creaks and squeaks, creaking leather, rubber and balloons, door handles, disturbing metal on metal squeaks and much more…

Number of files: 345 files
Quality: 96kHz / 24bit / Stereo

SoundBits Just Impacts Processed WAV SoundBits Just Impacts Processed WAV
Just Impacts - Processed 300+ sound effects of huge dry impacts. Layered and heavily processed for maximum weight. This will come in handy whenever something huge hits something even larger. Giant door slams, large hits, huge robot fights, heavy metal drops..

These Sounds were created by using some of the impacts sounds from the "Just Impacts – Simple” SFX library. By heavy layering, pitch shifting, automation and compression, they now are ready to be used for the huge Impacts and Hits. For that extra weight in punches and crashes.

• Number of files/sounds: 300 files / 321 sounds (85 files in Small Pack)
• Quality: 96Khz/24bit
• Total Size: 604 MB