The Producers Choice Cassette Samples Vol 2 by Turkman Souljah WAV MiDi
The Producers Choice Cassette Samples Vol 2 by Turkman Souljah WAV MiDi
New: Cassette Samples Volume 2 - Turkman Souljah's OFFICIAL Sample Pack made for Unstoppable Beats. 

That’s right. Your favourite Danish producer Turkman Souljah is back. Cassette Samples Vol. 2 has now dropped with more fire than ever before. Handmade by Turkman Souljah, direct from his studio to yours. Let’s check it out...

You screamed, you shouted, we listened...

* You read that right. I'm excited to announce that we’re finally back with our friend and favourite producer Turkman Souljah, to bring you the hottest sample pack of the year.

Take a listen to the audio demos. All sounds you hear are included in the pack...

Cassette Samples Vol. 2 is fresh out of Souljah’s Lab and gives you that essential pro producer sound you need to make quality hip-hop anthems.

This sample pack is 100% all new material and handmade from scratch by Turkman Souljah using his vast collection of analog synths, tape machines, vintage mixers, outboard compressors and more. Giving you classic, usable sounds - your new beats will blast until the neighbours call the cops. 


•843+ Custom One Shot Samples and Loops (all 100% royalty free), total size 575MB
•Unique Talkbox Samples recorded by Turkman Souljah
•Analog Keys & Synth Samples
•One Shot Vintage Stabs And Scratches
•Fender Rhodes / Clav Samples
•Analog Bass / Synth Leads Clean & Cassette Tape Versions (For Analog Warmth And Crunch)
•Warm, Gritty Hip Hop Drum Samples
•MIDI Files for all loops included
•Huge Sub Basses / Analog Bass Loops
•Drum Loops / Vintage Keys / Synth Loops and much much more.
•HIGH QUALITY WAV FORMAT, Improving The Quality Of Your Beats

This is one of the BIGGEST and BEST sample packs we have ever released - created by a LEGEND.

With Cassette Samples Volume 2, you’ll deliver some serious punch in your tracks that’ll have your fans (old and new) begging for more.

Don't sleep on this pack - it's going to elevate your music to new levels. 

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If you really like the samples from any included pack within the product then use the included coupon codes to get 20% off the full packs at any time!

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Producers Choice Cassette Samples by Turkman Souljah WAV MiDi Producers Choice Cassette Samples by Turkman Souljah WAV MiDi
* (Play the video above to see Turkman Souljah's creative process, it's PURE ART.)

"A personal collection of quality samples, chopped and processed on analog tape machines, vintage mixers and outboard compressors"

Packed with gorgeous, unique samples - there is absolutely no filler, just 100% amazing samples from Turkman Souljah's personal collection. All samples have been recorded on vintage mixers and processed with high end outboard compressors etc where needed to give an unmistakable warm, crunchy and analog flavour.

What's in this sample pack?

•350+ Custom One Shot Samples and Loops (all 100% royalty free)
•All Samples Have Clean & Cassette Tape Versions (For Analog Warmth And Crunch)
•Fender Rhodes
•Warm, Punchy Hip Hop Drum Samples
•Talkbox Loops
•Analog Bass
•Drum Shots From Various Vintage Drum Machines (Kicks, Claps, Snares, Toms)
•Glitch Crackles
•One Shots (One shot drum samples, stabs, glitches, keys, basses etc)
•Chromatic Subs
•Analog Bass Loops
•Drum Machine Loops
•Vintage Keys Loops
•Synth Loops
•Sample Loops
•MIDI Files
•and much more.

Shroom Vintage One Shots WAV Shroom Vintage One Shots WAV
Shroom is back with another banger! This one is an ALL Original One Shot Sample Pack! Enter Shroom's - Vintage One Shots, an all original one shot sample pack recorded, mixed, and engineered by Shroom.

Kit Features:

350+ Drum Samples (One Shots)
119 Kicks
123 Snares
20 Snare Rolls
109 Hihats
Kit Highlights:
All Sounds Crafted, Engineered and Mixed Professionally by Shroom
All samples are processed on an analog SSL Console
All samples were recorded to analog tape 
Only the best quality. All files are in .WAV format (24bit - 48khz) and compatible with any DAW or sampler (Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Ableton Live, FL Studio, MPC, Maschine etc)
ModeAudio String Theory Hip Hop Guitars and Beats WAV MiDi ModeAudio String Theory Hip Hop Guitars and Beats WAV MiDi
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Featuring well over 300 Samples spanning expert, grooving live electric guitar and bass playing, smooth electric piano leads, vintage drum machine loops, soulful synth pads, sweet shaker patterns, bouncing synth parts and beyond, we've burnt the midnight oil to bring you this royalty-free collection of vintage, analog vibe and future Hip Hop rhythm.

Electric guitars are served both dry and effected, giving you the freedom to apply your own amp sims or to get working straight away with our hand-tweaked riffs. 

From lilting lead lines, strummed chord progressions, thundering power chords, off-kilter stabs, muted plucks and much, much more, these Hip Hop guitar samples will bring authentic swagger and dusty atmosphere to your productions.

Pair the guitars up with the included strutting bass guitar riffs, creamy keys, drifting synth leads, gritty SFX and big, bold drum loops and you've got yourself a recipe for next-level Hip Hop heads' delight!

Alongside the loops, we've also sampled our collection of analog drum machines and studio turntable to bring you 64 Hip Hop Drum Samples and vintage Vinyl Crackle. Layer these sounds into your music and you'll bring instant character and soul to any beat you care to try them with.

Rounding out the collection are 65 Electric Guitar and Synth Tail Samples, giving you access to the necessary files to bring your chosen set of loops and samples to a smooth, natural decay. 

81 key & tempo-labelled Hip Hop MIDI Loops bring the total file count up to an epic 410 - what are you waiting for? Grab this collection of Hip Hop production dynamite and blow them beats up big and bad!

Pack Contents

27 Bass Guitar Loops
38 FX Electric Guitar Loops
36 Dry Electric Guitar Loops
35 Drum Loops & Drum Fills
36 Synth & Keys Loops (Leads, Pads, Arps, Piano & Electric Piano)
16 SFX & Vinyl Crackle Loops
12 Percussion Loops
12 Kick Samples
11 Snare Samples
15 Hi Hat Samples
27 Percussion Samples
65 Synth & Guitar Tail Samples
81 MIDI Loops (Tempo & Key-Labelled)
410 Files in Total