Lucid Samples Complete Trance Vol. 2 WAV MiDi
Lucid Samples Complete Trance Vol. 2 WAV MiDi
Complete Trance Vol. 2 is a next set of samples for producing euphoric trance music. One pack consists of 10 construction kits, 10 midi files, 100 fx sounds, 50 drum loops and 100 trance drums. Thanks to prepared basslines, synthetic and multitrack midi files, you can create whole pieces in any way. The newie in Complete Trance Vol. 2 are enriching instrumental lines and 'slow melody' tracks, which give the music dephs and spice. The intresting and convenient solution are also filtercut version of main melodies. Now, creating trance pieses of music may be really easy!

Construction Kits

There are 229 ready synthetic lines of lead, bass, pad, piano + multitrack midi files. All lead and pad lines are in several timbreswhich gives an opportunity to choose and combine many different melody sounds. It's very usefull and practical during the creation of whole pieces. All the melody lines, bass lines and pads are written in dry versions (without imposed effects) and wet versions (with effects). You can pick drum samples, drum loops and fx sounds from separate folders for every creating set. You can enjoy 50 drum loops, 100 fx sounds and 100 drum hits, all in trance style.

Multitrack Midi Samples

Thanks to midi files you have indefinite opportunity to pick your own favourite sounds from vst synths or hardware synthesizers and change your melody in any way. All the midi samples consist of at least 4 tracks - melody, bass, pad, piano etc.

Detailed content

•10 Trance construction kits / 229 samples
•10 Multitrack midi samples
•50 Drum loops
•100 Trance Drums (kicks, claps, snares, hihats, rides, crash)
•100 Sound effects (down/up-filters, reverbkicks, reverse, gated, trance)

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created by Dennis Sheperd
more than 1,870 MB / 700 files (Construction Kits consist of loops)
20 newly composed and recorded trance anthems
includes notes and BPM information on drums, melodies, pads, fx, basslines, etc.
song kits contain verses (build ups), chorus, and breaks
dry (without effects) and wet (with effects) versions
includes MIDI files for all melody-based tracks
fast and easy to implement in your production - looped, accurately cut

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Product Contains:

6 Construction Kits
MIDI files
WAV files
All tempos are included.
WAV samples at 44.1 kHz/24-Bit quality
Basslines, drums loops, piano, guitar, pad, pluck, bass & leadline MIDI