Systematic Sounds Robert Babicz Hands On 303 MULTiFORMAT
Systematic Sounds Robert Babicz Hands On 303 MULTiFORMAT
We at Systematic Sounds truly think that this new sound pack by 303 guru Robert Babicz aka Rob Acid is a real highlight. 

Rob has put a lot of efforts and time into preparing this unique sound pack including recordings of his legendary Roland TB-303 bassline machine.

He has recorded countless different kinds of patterns, bass sounds and bass lines. 

Different combinations of sound manipulation has been chosen, ranging from different pre-amp chains to several exciting compressor combinations and from his legendary AKG BX20 E spring hall to his Studer A80 tape machine.

Due to the fact that there are plenty of similar patterns recorded in many different kinds you will have a brand new possibility to combine any option to something completely new. 

Sky's the limit when it comes to combining different results of one bassline or sound and you can chose any genre, from housy to techno-esque, from oldschool to classical.

Out of the question! 

This unique kind of an unheard sample pack hasn't been released before!

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Samplephonics Analogue Witchcraft MULTiFORMAT Samplephonics Analogue Witchcraft MULTiFORMAT
This is quite simply the most diverse and exciting sample pack we have released to date, packed full of leftfield and experimental loops and samples all with their own unique flavour and texture.

Paul Rez, the sound designer and composer behind this sample pack, utilized a number of experimental recording techniques and used some sought after analogue equipment, including a beautifully maintained Studer Tape Machine, UA LA610 recording channels, a Moogerfooger and Maestro Sustainer pedal, as well as Audiomulch and Reaktor for some cheeky digital manipulation.

The sample pack consists of 5 main folders: 'Acoustic Guitar Day Care' consists a collection of acoustic guitar loops and samples, played in a variety of unorthodox ways and processed in Reaktor and Audiomulch for some subtle effects.

'Half Buried Drum Loops' is a collection of distorted, twisted and warped leftfield drum loops and breaks 'Retriggered to Tape' contains various quirky music loops with added tape personality 'Synthi Hurtful Bass Loops' is packed full of gnarly twisted bass loops, recorded from a selection of analogue synth loops, bass guitars and upright basses.
Systematic Sounds 101 Signature Kicks MULTiFORMAT Systematic Sounds 101 Signature Kicks MULTiFORMAT
Have you always searched for the fitting kick drum while producing your track? 

These days are over because Systematic Sounds has asked five assorted top producers to create their best and self generated kick drums and to share them with you.

Robert Babicz (Bedrock), Wehbba (Tronic), Andreas Henneberg (Voltage), Nico Masseyeff (Herzblut) and Marc Romboy (Systematic) have produced at a time 20 different kick drums which you can use for every kind of electronic music track, ranging from techno to house, from deep house to nu disco.

The bass drums have been created in many different ways, taken from the most essential drum computers like the TR 909, 808, 606 and 707, Linn 01, Oberheim DMX and Yomox X-Base and afterwards processed but also plenty of self edited kicks with analogue synthesizers and customized generators.

This bundle is a world debut and the first of its kind where different high class musicians have exclusively contributed their very best bass drums, a treasure they usually would never give away. 
Systematic Sounds My Sound Is Systematic Vol.1 MULTiFORMAT Systematic Sounds My Sound Is Systematic Vol.1 MULTiFORMAT
"Systematic Sounds" presents you the ultimate compilation of the best sample recordings of all its releases in 2014 and 2015. 

Unbelievable but true, this bundle contains sound samples of five of the best worldwide techno producers which are Robert Babicz (Systematic), Marc Romboy (Systematic), Wehbba (Tronic), Andreas Henneberg (Ideal) and Nicolas Masseyeff (Herzblut).

Here you can find everything you would need for your personal authentic production, bass lines, punchy drums, vocal snippets, fluffy pads, distinctive kick drums and groove loops and all this straight from the studios of the five DJs. 

No third party samples, everything recorded especially for Systematic Sounds, as you know it from their productions. 

Now is your chance to enhance your tracks and make your sound Systematic!

*Other Genres that this package may be useful in: 

• House
• Minimal
• Progressive House
• Tech House

Systematic Sounds 101 Signature Arpeggios WAV MiDi Systematic Sounds 101 Signature Arpeggios WAV MiDi
After the releases of the highly acclaimed Signature Kicks, Claps and Chords Systematic Sounds presents you the fourth collection of assorted sound files, this time including arpeggios. 

Five of the very best producers in musical techno, saying Guy Mantzur (Bedrock), Robert Babicz (Systematic), Roy Rosenfeld (Kompakt), Sébastien Léger (Temple of lions) and Namito (Yoshitoshi) have given us their 20 finest arp sequences in order to make them available just for you. 

The files are tagged with the exact tempo and key and are available in 24Bit wav format and some artists also included midi files. Let's do some touching tech tunes!

Please Note: Bassdrum taken from 101 Signature Kicks.

Additional Genre(s)

• House
• Progressive House
• Deep House
Engineering Samples Vintage Drum Library WAV EXS 24 Engineering Samples Vintage Drum Library WAV EXS 24
The "Vintage Drum Library" is our very first Drum Sampling Pack. 

Designed for those who are looking for outstanding, unique and classic Drum Sounds. 

This massive Sample Collection is brimmed with 27 legendary vintage Drum Machines from Roland, Korg, Casio, Yamaha, Simmons to MFB, Linndrum, Electro Harmonix, MXR, Boss and many more. 

Containing over 250 Single Drum Shots and 46 Drum Loops. 

In Addition to that every Drum Machine is available as an EXS24 Sampler Instrument. 

Every single Drum Sound & Loop was recorded to a Vintage Technics RS-1500US Tape Machine processed with SSL and SPL Equipment.

*Other Genres that this package may be useful in: 

• Disco / Nu-Disco
• Drum Hits
• Tech House
• Techno
• Deep House
Systematic Sounds Nicolas Masseyeff Sound Signature MULTiFORMAT Systematic Sounds Nicolas Masseyeff Sound Signature MULTiFORMAT
If you are regularly following the musical output of Cannes based artist Nicolas Masseyeff, you can easily understand from where the French gentleman takes his inspiration. 

Steve Reich, John Cage and the pioneering Detroit artists led by Underground Resistance and Carl Craig are his mentors, whose musical philosophy receives a further development expressed in Masseyeff's tracks. 

After plenty of breathtaking releases on Herzblut Recordings and high profile remixes for the likes of Alan Fitzpatrick, Hot Since 82, Marc Romboy and Stephan Bodzin, it's now time to kick off a with his debut sample package "Sound Signature" on Systematic Sounds where he presents us the full range of his achieved talents. 

You can find any kind of instrumental element you would need for a tech house and techno production on the highest possible level.

Nicolas' recordings convince with that certain excitement of all and any sound files and 100% authenticity when it comes to techno in the meaning real techno. 

Loops, single samples, bass melody, pads, loops, everything possible is provided in this pack, even with the tags of keys and tempos. 

The drum loops are recorded as construction kits and the single drum recordings are completely provided as Battery and Ableton kits.

*Other Genres that this package may be useful in: 

• House
• Tech House