Findasound Fayez Saidawi Oriental Strings KONTAKT
Findasound Fayez Saidawi Oriental Strings KONTAKT
Fayez Saidawi Oriental Strings is a professional strings sections library for Native Instrument's Kontakt 5. 1.46 GB of compressed ncw kontakt format samples that are deeply sampled and looped with 8 articulations that fits the most common ways of playing middle eastern strings. An outstanding legato sounds with options to control speed, attack, expression and type of portamento playing. Whether its normal, slow, or fast portamento; you can still control the speed of legato parts and adjust it to fit your needs. Sections recorded are: 2 C-basses, 3 Cellos, 4 Violas, and 8 Violins with the ability to enable/disable each section and control it's volume and stereo paning. Release samples of each articulation are provided with the ability to control their volume and/or time. Delay and 40 reverb simulation presets are available in the effects section of the instrument. Quarter tone scale option is provided as it is essential when it comes to Arabic or middle eastern strings sections.


24 bit / 48kHz compressed ncw kontakt format
8 Articulations: normal, slow, fast portamento, pizzicato , staccato, tremolo, trills half/whole note
Section on/off option with the ability to control volume and pan of each
Speed, attack, intensity, and expression control of whole legato part
release samples trigger on/off option with controling its volume and time
Legato on/off trigger option
3 octaves key range of each section
Quarter tone scale with tune amount control +- 50 cents
Delay and reverb room simulation effects with 40 reverb presets
Fully automatable controllers


When playing slow portanemto and quarter tone scale try reducing tune amount as it might glide slowly and sound strange.
Key switches (yellow keys) are made to switch between articulations, try not to hold them down while playing as the script will translate it a sa legato part and get stuck 
Latest Kontakt version 5.3.0 is needed to run this library

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