Ilya Efimov Armenian Duduk KONTAKT
Ilya Efimov Armenian Duduk KONTAKT
The Duduk is a traditional Armenian woodwind instrument, originating in the fifth century. 
The sound of the duduk, if not the instrument itself, has become widely known through its use in popular film soundtracks. Starting with Peter Gabriel's score for Martin Scorsese's "The Last Temptation of Christ”, the duduk's sound has been employed in a variety of genres to depict archaic and mournful moods. Djivan Gasparyan played the duduk for the soundtracks of "Gladiator”, "Syriana” and "Blood Diamond”, among other films. It was used sililarly in The "Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”.

Our flexible duduk library will allow you to realistcally imitate virtually any tune that a real duduk could play. We recorded all intervals for up and down legato articulations in three variants: normal legato, slow legato and glissando. You may choose any of the available articulations for the first note and 6 articulations for legato notes. We have provided the ability to vary the dynamics of the instrument to convey a wide, detailed range of expression from pp to ff. Natural vibrato may be added to the sound at any time. Staccato articulations provide added realism by means of a round-robin algorythm. Users can reassign keyswitches and midi-controllers, then save the changes to a user preset. Default settings are easily restored at any time.

656 Mb compressed samples / 24-bit / 44.1 kHz / Stereo
3 Types of legato: normal/slow/porta. 
3 Modes of legato performance 
Natural dynamic controlled by ModWheel 
Controllable natural vibrato 
Use any articulation during legato. 
3 Crescendo: slow/normal/fast 
Natural expression/release sounds 
Two Staccato types 
Detune Vibrato keys 
Five types of mordents 
Reassignable keyswitches, CC and much more. 
Extremely user-friendly in both live and studio applications! 

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