Sonokinetic Ney v1.1 KONTAKT
One of the oldest instruments in existence, the Ney has been played for about 5000 years. Its distinguished sound reminiscent of deserts and oasis, this instrument can add an ethnic flavor to your compositions that is unmatched in its deep soulfulness and truthful timbre. The Ney’s breathy tone will transport you to ancient times and faraway places and capture your audience with an enchanting quality.
Sonokinetic Kemence KONTAKT
Originating from the vast area between the black sea and Persia this instrument comes in several forms, sizes and sounds. Mediterranean and Eurasian mixed with Persian and Middle Eastern musical heritage come together in the sound and deep musical ethnic presence of these instruments.

Sonokinetic decided to capture the enchanting sound of the classical Kemence and sample this instrument in high fidelity audio quality. This instrument ships with a built in musical heritage. A supreme performed and recorded cinematic approach of several ethnic musical styles. The instrument is a perfect match with the styles and flavors in other Sonokinetic ethnical sampled instrument and vocals.
Sonokinetic Yiddish KONTAKT
A Yiddish Female Vocalist Phrase-based Sampled Library

Sonokinetic specializes in in-depth musical history heritage exploration since 2008. With "Yiddish” we fulfill our premise to capture part of the Jewish music culture and complement our signature sampling line with this very recognizable musical style. Different from the mystical Sephardic "Voices of Israel” and our cross-over to the Yemenite style, "Yiddish” brings a more Jewish-European oriented style which found its roots in the high-german and Ashkenazi language.
Surge Sounds Porter llenium WAV MiDi Synth Presets
Surge Sounds – Porter llenium is a phenomenal collection packed with ethereal and soulful sounds. We are always striving to provide unique and modern presets that will enhance your creativity.

This pack puts innovative sound design in your hands, giving you the opportunity to take your productions to the next level. The concept behind this collection was inspired by Bass Music innovators like Porter Robinson & Illenium. We set out to unlock the secrets of how they create their unique sound.
Bingoshakerz Synthwave WAV
Covering the best of nostalgia-driven retro sounds - Synthwave by Bingoshakerz delivers 400MB+ of pure analogue-infused retro & 80s loops.

Punchy Drums, Analogue Basses, Beautiful Piano Progressions, Vintage Synth Chords, Lush Pads, Poly Leads, Intergalatic Pads & Arps, Warm Rhodes & Plucks, Funky Guitar-Licks, FX and so much more - "Synthwave" delivers authentic 80s inspiration!

Crafted for producers of Synthwave, Electronica, Retro-house & Nu Disco - we've kept your musical needs covered.
Patchmaker Major Lazerz Vol.4 Synth Presets
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Patchmaker is proud to introduce the fourth instalment in Major Lazerz series, bringing expertly crafted presets for your favourite soft synthesizers. "Major Lazerz vol.4” gives you a new flavour of future pop genre.Fill up your sonic spectrum with beautiful basses, gorgeous synths, epic leads, and take your tracks to the next level! These varied and flexible sounds can to fit not only in puture pop but also in other genres like: trap, dubstep, hard dance, hip-hop and many more.

Deep Data Loops 1980s Style Loops Vol.1 WAV MiDi
Deep Data Loops proudly presents a brand new loops pack for the use in genres like NuDisco, Electro, House, Funk and Disco (672 Files).

Wether you ́re into the oldschool 1980s sound or into the up-to-date genres like NuDisco ect. which are influenced by this decade - here you ́ll find plenty of usefull stuff to go for (1,15 GB in total). 511 beat and music loops to inspire your own ideas with access to every single component in WAV format. All beat elements are available together in a mixdown and each drum element as a single loop. The same goes for the music loops.So for example: you need only the bassline from the loop? – no problem! For maximal control the music loops are also presented as MIDI files (161 in total), so you can easily take it forward from here.
Cymatics Turn It Up Dubstep DAW Templates
It’s no secret that designing sounds is a helpful skill to have as a producer.

But when it comes to producing Dubstep, this skill becomes ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL!
Kryptic Samples Metro Pass WAV MiDi
'Metro Pass' from Kryptic Samples is a jumpy sample collection of Trap & Urban music jammed with the most in-thing sounds designed for Trap & Urban producers.

This pack includes five outstanding Construction Kits, featuring a plethora of Trap and Urban & Music sounds such as cutting-edge synths and pianos melodies, stately drum loops and slapping 808 bass and many more. Samples are ready to be chopped, sliced, stretched, resampled and pitched and the MIDI files for full control over your musical production.
Laniakea Sounds Future Bass Experience WAV MiDi
'Future Bass Experience' from Laniakea Sounds is a unique fusion of Future Bass and melodic Dubstep sounds with experimental sound design and fresh ideas inspired by Ekali, Flume and Gramatik.
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