Black Octopus Sound East Coast Hip Hop WAV
'East Coast Hip-Hop' by Black Octopus Sound is an iconic sound library featuring the smoothest and flashiest Hip Hop vibes straight from the East Coast.

Inspired by Public Enemy, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, and Nas, to name a few, 'East Coast Hip Hop' is innovative and down right pure inspiration for making Hip Hop and Rap music. Inside this blazing pack is cut and sampled drum beats, perfect for laying down that flow on. Alongside the brilliantly crafted beats are chopped loops that'll give you that real East Coast flavor with musical compositions chopped and cut up that will layer perfectly on the grooving drums. you'll also find bass, full ensembles, full layers and instrument loops in raw form. Giving you all the customizable sounds to keep that vibe at its peak!
Industry Kits Vibes MIDI and Loop Pack WAV MiDi
We've Got Here A BRAND NEW MIDI & Loop Pack Of The Highest Quality For You All Rite From LUX.

This Pack Contains 10 VERY HIGH Started Up Melodies In WAV Format For You + The MIDI Pattern File For Each Melody As Well.
Production Master Riddim Dubstep Weapons 3 WAV Synth Presets
The newest addition brings you a step closer to world domination via an assault of futuristic sonic ammunition featuring bio-mechanical bass loops, distorted reeses and granular stabs entwined with a series of hard hitting drums, snappy percussion loops, soul-stirring vocal shots and hyped-up melodies, weighty subs, brutal distorted basslines, pounding snares and punching kicks, filtered plucks, pads, ferocious FX, eerie sound design and harmonic loops which all sit alongside 101 fully macroed top-quality Xfer Serum presets, covering the entire spectrum of riddim dubstep sounds, effects and elements to help shape your tracks into absolute bangers with maximum control.
Dome of Doom Elusive Sketches Sample Pack WAV
Elusive took all the source material for his latest release 'Sketches' and compiled the best of it for you to experiment with in your own tracks. The "Sketches Sample Pack" is full of interesting bass and drum sounds as well as some signature bleeps and bloops that you will definitely recognize from Elusive's production work. It is rare to get a chance to examine an artists process this closely, and hear the tools they used to create their music with.
SoundFxWizard Mokarpa KONTAKT
MOKARPA is a bizarre and unique harp for Ni Kontakt based on a custom-made musical instrument by Italy-based guitarist Paolo Balestri.

* He crafted Mokarpa using guitar strings mounted on a Moka, the iconic Italian coffee pot.
* The sound is harmonically rich, delicate with metallic resonances and with a dreamy flavor.
* It’s suitable for fantasy soundtracks, lo-fi hiphop, R&B, cinematic and chill tracks.
* The Kontakt instrument allows you to adjust the sound with a custom scripted GUI.
Zenhiser Particles WAV
Cruise through the deeper side of House with one of our largest packs to date. A perfectly equipped depository of dynamic beats, forward thinking melodies, left of centre fx, avant grade drum hits and silky smooth textures.

Literally everything has been covered in "Particles”, its comprehensive size is designed to fit perfectly in most studios especially if they produce Deep House, Tech House, Minimal / Deep and House. 
Dome of Doom Dabow First Ever Sample Pack WAV
"Hey everyone! I named it "First Dabow Sample Pack Ever" because I will probably make more. Has been such a fun trip, I literally had to stop because it's like one of those songs you can't stop adding stuff to it because it's flowing so well. I hope you make some INCREDIBLE music with it, and most important, have fun with the sounds!"
KOOKUP Guitar Samples Vol.2 WAV
20 orginally made live guitar sample compositions perfect for melodic, emotional and up-tempo beats!

KOOKUP Guitar Samples Vol. 2
20 'SAMPLES' [ original guitar sample compositions ]
melodic and emotional guitar samples
composed by KOOKUP
Dome of Doom ONHELL's First Sample Pack WAV
"I feel stretched between lots of influences. In my music, I embrace these contrasts, the light and the dark, the feminine and the masculine, the melody and the dissonance. I enjoy building a bridge between different sounds by merging together bass, rap, and experimentally anomalous music. That way, people experience an atmosphere that broadens perspectives” ~ ONHELL
Ben Osterhouse String Flow Cello v1.3.1 KONTAKT
String Flow Cello samples a technique string players use, in which they quickly roll the bow across the strings to create an energetic, chordal texture.

There are 2 ways to play the instrument.

The first way is simple: just choose what type of chord you want, what key to be in, and then play on the white keys. Whatever you play will pick a harmony which will fit into whatever key you've chosen. It's kind of like the "Harmonize" factory scripts in Kontakt, except that in this case, all of the harmonies had to be manually recorded!
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