Music Tech Guide to…FL Studio Magazine
MusicTech presents the first of its digital guides to using the most popular music production applications around. Part 1 of the series focusses on FLStudio, one of the most widely-used music-making packages on the planet. Over 12 workshops, we cover everything from setting up a project in the DAW right through to recording, arranging, composing, mixing and mastering. The first four parts concentrate on project management, MIDI and audio recording – very much on how you get data into your computer and FL environment.
Maserati Sparks Soul Brothers Vol.2 WAV
This is the second installment of MaseratiSparks "Soul Brothers" series.This pack is comprised of 17 guitar loops in jazz and soul style. There has been extra textures added to the sounds such as pedals effects, neve preamps and more. These loops were made with real guitar and not digital based. I hope you guys enjoy this pack and thank you for your continued support.
Studio Trap ZIRCON WAV
"ZIRCON" is here bringing you over 17 amazing Pop Melody Sounds that will inspire you to build upon your creativity. These sounds give you a wide range of Pop, Synth, EDM and much more.
LinkedIn Learning Ableton Live 10 Essential Training (UPDATE 2019-10-11) TUTORiAL
Create music in real time, on stage, or while producing in the studio, with Ableton Live 10. In this course, music professor Rick Schmunk shows how to compose, record, remix, improvise, produce, and edit your musical ideas using this powerful software. Get familiar with the Live interface, learn how to set up your audio and MIDI hardware, and explore how to create a Live set. Plus, discover how to record and edit both MIDI and audio, shape the sound of your projects by applying effects to your tracks, warp audio, and much more. As you get acquainted with Live 10, you'll learn real-world production skills that can be applied to songwriting, studio production, and DJing.

Topics include:
Splice Sounds The Glitch Mob: Love Death Immortality WAV
The Glitch Mob are back, this time with the sounds of their sophomore album, Love Death Immortality, which debuted at number 13 on the Billboard 200 in 2014. Typical to their reputation today, they explored a different style on this album, adopting more of a "stadium sound". True to the group's name, you'll find many glitch hop elements in the album and within this pack. If you're looking to craft an ultra high-energy, pulsing track or a powerhouse electronic ballad, these sounds will be staple elements in your production.
Apple Final Cut Pro X v10.4.7 MacOSX
At the heart of Final Cut Pro X is a flexible timeline Magnetic Timeline, a new approach to video editing without the tracks with the ability to add and organize videos as convenient to the author, while the other clips immediately disappear from the screen. The author can use the Clip Connections for pasting clips from other key elements such as titles and sound effects, while maintaining perfect synchronization of all elements regardless of their movement.

► Revolutionary Video Editing
Assemble clips in the Magnetic Timeline without clip collisions or sync problems
Use Clip Connections to attach B-roll, sound effects, and music to the timeline
Reduce clutter by grouping clips into a Compound Clip.
Sound of Milk and Honey Holy Vibe Runs WAV
Bell and Key ascending and descending runs for Maschine.
Smokey Loops Tropical Square WAV MiDi
Smokey Loops presents "Tropical Square", a large collection of 15 Construction Kits and all the elements necessary for your Tropical House productions.

Inside you will find Drum Loops, Fx, Melody Loops, Oneshots and MIDI.

All the sounds are in 100-105-110-115-120-125 bpm ready to be mixed in your songs.

Tropical Square is 100% Royalty-Free.
Image Sounds Punk Rock Drums 12 WAV
Punk Rock Drums 12 is a complete drum song. Total 267 MB and 60 loops and samples. The drum song is divided into 8 drum parts: intro, outro, verses, chorus, alternative parts, pre-chorus or middle 8 incl. Turnarrounds. These are called parts. In addition, each drumpart contains premixed drums, which are also available as single tracks. With the individual tracks you can mix according to your own ideas and optimally integrate your own samples. In addition to Kick, Snare, Hi Hat, Overheads, Room, Tom, the drums also have two professional drum mixes for fast working. A drum mix that is mastered and a drum mix without master chain. Keep on Rockin`
Avid Space Impulse Response Library WAV
This impulse response library allows you to use a wide range of real acoustic spaces, authentic analog reverbs and unique digital effects in your Space convolution reverb from Avid. Set all dense plates and springs to rooms, chambers, cathedrals and concert halls.

The library is free and available for download from the official site Avid. However, its setting a long and boring as it is divided into pieces and packed in a specific format.
Here already completely unpacked all the parts of the library. You just need to specify the path to it in the Space