Lynda Pro Tools: Virtual Instruments TUTORiAL
Pro Tools is an industry-leading software for professional-grade music creation, and the virtual instruments inside Pro Tools are some of the main tools used for creating that music. In this course, instructor Evan Sutton explores the virtual instruments in Pro Tools. He starts with the Boom drum machine, and then covers vintage keyboards, explaining how to work with the DB-33 Tonewheel Organ and the Mini Grand virtual piano instrument. Next, he dives into the sampler, Structure Free. Evan also covers XPand!2 and Vacuum, an analog modeled synth.

Fremdtunes Rec Mode Volume 2 WAV
We proudly present 'Rec Mode – Volume 2' the second in our series of beats + sounds compilations for producers, beatcreators and composers. 

This second volume is stacked with original breakbeats played by drummer Salle de Jonge (LeslieNielsen, Sabrina Starke). De Jonge used different drumkits, a whole arsenal of mics and various pre-amps to record his ferocious drumplay. All tracks were recorded analogue by Budy Mokoginta (Mokosound) through a classic Studer mixing board. 
On Repeat: How Music Plays the Mind
Winner of the Wallace Berry Award, Society for Music Theory

What is it about the music you love that makes you want to hear it again?
MSXII Sound Lofi Melodics 4 WAV
Never one to disappoint, Lofi Melodics 4 delivers from the same great MSXII pedigree as it's predecessors. Colorful lofi texture and character blanket these original compositions by us. Per usual, these are here for you to chop, flip, and mangle until new inspiration is had! These compositional works are built with our vintage analog synth collections, classic recording chain techniques, and of course our super lofi processing techniques (cassette, SP404, etc).
Synth Magic ZED 80 Vol 1 KONTAKT
This Kontakt instrument uses sounds we sampled into a Casio FZ-1 sampler, various 1980s samplers, synths and drum machines.

Over 1.5GB of samples compressed to just over a 1GB using Native Instruments’ compression and over 300 presets ready for your musical productions or tweak away using the custom graphical user interface.
Bullyfinger SID 64 SYNF SF2
Another classic 8-bit synthesizer brought to you by Bullyfinger! The Commodore 64 home computer housed what is arguably the greatest sound chip in a machine that had a lengthy 14 year run. We are giving you the raw SID sound for you to add to your productions with only 100% legit hardware units recorded. Zero emulation. 

Electronisounds ReflektiV WAV
650+ Drums, Basses, Synths, Chords, FX, Stabs, Pads

ALL 650+ .WAV format one-shot samples have been hand-picked from the Electronisounds catalog (including some of my long out-of-print physical sample cd's) and were re-mastered / re-edited / re-flekted(?) for this special collection.

The sounds have been lovingly sampled from countless hardware and VST synths over the last 20+ years of making sample packs and will help you produce many different genres of electronic music.
Tastenwelt - Nr.1 2016
In unserem großen Piano-Special erfahren Sie, welche Piano-Typen es gibt und worin sie sich technisch unterscheiden. Wir zeigen Ihnen unter anderem, wie Digitalpiano-Hersteller ihre Tastaturen konstruieren, um dem Spielgefühl eines akustischen Flügels möglichst nahe zu kommen. Und wir geben Ihnen Tipps, wie Sie beim Anspielen eines Instruments systematisch vorgehen, um eine Vorstellung von der Qualität des Gebotenen zu bekommen. Der zweite Teil des Specials gilt dem aktiven Part beim Klavierspielen: der Frau oder dem Mann an den Tasten. Wir haben drei Pianisten und eine Pianistin befragt, wie sie zum Klavierspielen gekommen sind und warum sie einen bestimmten Typ von Instrument gewählt haben.
MSXII Sound Schlump Loops 3 WAV
Oh man, Schlump Loops 3 is here! New drums & loops from the Schlump with a very special edition...processed with Heat. Analog Heat! We've taken this new format of drums and obtainable one-shots within loops and made it bigger and better. These loops SCHLAP. 

Using the loops as-is is ok...the beauty in the Schlump Loops series is finding the uniquely characterized one-shots. These stand out from the pack as they were each catered for a specific sound, tone, and texutre. Your favorite chopping program such as Serato Sample will make this process mad easy for you. Cop Schlump Loops 3 and the rest of the series if you already have not. Like always, these are meant to be paired with our Lo-Fi Melodics series of samples! Stay winning, choose MSXII Sound Design.
MSXII Sound Lo-Fly Drums 3 WAV
MSXII Lo-Fly Drums Vol.3 pulls up as a quick favorite of your most trusted sound design team's arsenal! Once again, deeply rooted in aesthetic the of the lofi culture, yet carefully sauced up by that MSX Audio treatment. We aim to make you "feel" these drums. The lifeblood of your music production. 

Per usual, we've created these to match the textures of our Lofi Melodics compositional series. Meaning, if you've picked those up, these are drums that match and work well frequency & character wise! Because we design, conceptually with each kit, we're biased in saying that you can never have too many drums! How can you when there is so much music to explore? We've got you covered on both...drums and compositions. Rock with MSXII, the upper echelon in sound design.