Studiolinkedvst Hip-Hop Brass-KONTAKT
Hip-Hop Brass has been discontinued. Interested in more brass look at the Trap mafia or Swurve 2 kontakt libraries. Hip-Hop Brass Covers all type of Modern Horn Ensembles. Built to combine multiple horns together to make big horn sections.
Cymatics Golden Guitars Future Bass WAV
A problem with amateur Future Bass producers is that they get too caught up in the "formula” of Future Bass. Let’s face it. How many Future Bass tracks have you heard with the same Drum pattern and a stack of Saw layers during the Drop? But if you listen to a Louis the Child track you’ll hear elements that bring originality and soul to the track. This is exactly why we created Golden Guitars for Future Bass.
Ghosthack Abstract Drums WAV
Ghosthack proudly presents "Abstract Drums", a huge collection of recorded and processed foley samples as well as decent drum one-shots and loops.

We made an outdoor journey to record the most abstract things like flight cases, chrome pipes, bits of wood, cans, cardboard, glass, floating water and other strange things. We processed these sounds a lot, granulated, repitched and layered them to make really interesting and outstanding. We also included a wide variety of drum one-shots as well as many drum loops and stems.
BigWerks Mafia Synth Presets
Mafia is a preset bank for Omnisphere VST. This bank has over 75 custom Presets. Patches include choirs, pads, flutes, leads, fx & much more. User of omnisphere, this is a must have!
God Soundz ElectraX Expansion Pack Synth Presets
God Soundz team hit you with all brand new ElectraX expansion filled with 70 exciting sounds. Used by one of the best producer groups in the game 808 Mafia! God Soundz ElectraX Expansion Pack is the perfect extension for your ElectraX VSTi. Create beatz like TM-88, Southside (Sizzle) and the other members of 808 Mafia.
Fuse Audio Labs Bucket-500 v1.3.0 CE WiN
Bucket-500 is an authentic emulation of a bucket brigade (BBD) based analog delay circuit. Fuse Audio Labs added some convenient features in the digital domain including a tilt filter in the feed­back path, a stereo cross-feed option and an optional delay clock LFO to al­low for flanging effects. They also extended the original delay time range to 10..1000ms and included a host tempo sync facil­ity. It's possible to switch between insert and send mode.
Chris OG Static Synth Presets
50 Custom Patches for Spectasonics Omniphere

9 Arps
2 Synth Bass
6 FX
9 Keys
4 Synth Leads
Fuse Audio Labs F-59 v1.3.0 CE WiN
The F-59 is a recreation of the '58 – '60 era classic that set the course for decades of guitar amplification technology. Offering a wide range of tones the plugin tries to stay true to the original vibe while adding some convenient features in the digital domain.
TheBeatPlug Island Lager (Drum Kit) WAV
The Island Lager drum kit. Over 100 signature sounds from TheBeatPlug

20 (808s)
9 (Clap & Snares)
14 (FX)
12 (HiHats)
17 (Kicks)
BigWerks Interstellar Synth Presets
BigWerks is proud to present a new bank for Electra X vst "Interstellar”. This bank comes with 50 creative new sounds perfect for any genre of music.

50 Presets
11 Synths
11 Keys
10 Arps