Hot Ideas Comedy Percussion: Sound Effects WAV
Sound Effects Library by Hot Ideas.

Tracklist :

01 Cartoon, Drums - Barney's Dance with Cymbal, Music, Percussion Comedy Percussion: Drums 0:09
02 Cartoon, Drums - Barney's Dance with Fall, Music, Percussion Comedy Percussion: Drums 0:09
03 Cartoon, Drums - Barney's Dance, Music, Percussion Comedy Percussion: Drums 0:11
04 Comedy, Accent - Xylophone 
Nembirni Audio BST100 v1.0.1 WiN
The BST100 Super Overdrive Amp plugin is a perfect emulation of the 90s guitar amplifier Holy Grail!

Nembrini Audio spent many years on modeling to build a Guitar Amplifier plugin that is at the same time easy to use and good sounding in any situation and settings.

Two channels driven by four 12AX7/7025 Virtual Tubes, carefully modeled and fine tuned for the cutting edge 90s guitar amplifier hi-gain sound:

Normal Channel with Bright and Clean/Crunch switches from crystal clear to creamy crunch tone
Boost channel for the famous USA Hi-Gain guitar tone!
Nembrini Audio MRH810 v1.0.0 WiN
For almost 60 years, stacks of British engineered black and gold have lined the stage behind the greatest artists in the history of guitar driven music.

Whether it was multiple shiny stacks on stage at Wembley or Madison square garden or a lone stack with ripped tolex and a blown speaker on a 10x20ft stage in front of thousand people, the legendary black and gold has been there.

Perhaps the most well known of the amps in this royal family would be the 800.
Arturia Presets Floyd Tribute II Synth Presets
A collection of 32 accurate Pink Floyd-inspired presets, recreated using authentic models of the original instruments.

One of the most influential and successful acts of all time, Pink Floyd's blend of cerebral, melancholic songwriting, innovative production, and psychedelic sound palette has been one of the most influential forces in music ever. Programmed by Paul Schilling, one of Arturia's most celebrated sound designers, these presets will give you access to the spectacular sounds of The Dark Side Of The Moon, The Wall, and Animals. This sound bank gives you a superb assortment of synth, key, and organ sounds to explore, either to relive Pink Floyd's most iconic keyboard moments for yourself, or use those legendary sounds to create your own masterpieces.
Strezov Sampling ARVA Soloists v1.1 KONTAKT
Two separately recorded children sections (girls & boys) with full divisi options, our revolutionary polyphonic true legato as well as the critically acclaimed Syllabuilder Engine in its most advanced state.

- Girl soloist (Alto) - Ooh Legato
- Girl soloist (Alto) - Syllabuilder patch (4 syllables)
- Girl soloist (Soprano) - Ooh Legato
- Girl soloist (Soprano) - Syllabuilder patch (4 syllables)
- Boy soloist (Alto) - Ah Legato
Studio Trap Gold Slugz WAV
'Gold Slugz' by Studio Trap is an explosive pack influenced by Lil Baby, Gunna, Migos, 808 Mafia, and more. Discover inspiring sounds like Trap bells, ambient keys, dark pads, wavy guitars, ground shaking 808s, heavy kicks, dope snares, litty hi-hats, on-trend percs and much more.

All files comes in 24-Bit WAV format and are lincesed as Royalty-Free for unlimited use in commercial releases wihout extra costs. Use these WAV loops in your favourite DAW and create your next Trap banger.

Product Details:
Native Instruments Maschine 2 v2.8.7 R763 / v2.8.7 WiN MacOSX
Maschine 2 is a next-generation of powerful beat-production workstation with sampling, loop slicing, built‑in drum sequencing, improved browsing, arranging, new mixer, plug-in strip, and exclusive drum synths. With Maschine 2 you will get the most responsive, fluid, and musical beatmaking experience ever.

Native Instruments Maschine 2 GUI
Maschine 2 is built on an intelligent combination of timeless groove box and drum machine workflows, systematically refined and expanded to take advantage of the best aspects of computer technology. It brings together flexible step sequencing and real-time polyphonic recording in a forward-thinking pattern-based arrangement concept that makes it easy to jam out ideas, and turn them into full-blown songs in a way that is efficient, effortless and fun.
789ten The Frontliner Producer Pack V3 MULTiFORMAT
An exclusive hardstyle producer pack from Frontliner; production wizard and melody mastermind!

The boss is back for his third 789ten release, making it even bigger and better. He just keeps outdoing himself with each release.
The producer pack has multiple components with many bonuses:

1. Tutorial: almost 3.5 hrs long, you will learn how to create a track from the ground up starting with a blank canvas and build up chords, melody, synths and arrange a track in the Frontliner style. He even records his own voice and shows his tricks for getting the surreal hardstyle male vocal style of processing. He also demonstrates some of his best kept secrets on adding detail to your arrangment and sound design to truly separate your sound from the rest and move your tracks into the league of the elite! Detail is truly one of the defining factors of all professional producers.
Psychic Modulation EchoMelt v2.0.1 WiN MacOSX
EchoMelt is an Audio Melting Multi-FX unit designed for adding character, texture and warmth to your sounds. EchoMelt can create warbling "VHS" effects, swirling choruses, dubbed-out space delays, lo-fi saturated distortion and everything in-between. More than just a "lo-fi" effect, EchoMelt can be used in a variety of situations, equipped with a very useful 5-band fully parametric EQ that can be routed before or after all other effects, or even used on it's own. In fact, each effect section can be used independently, and each section has it's own dry/wet mix in addition to the main Master Mix. Each section can even save it's own presets for quickly loading up specific settings at any time.
Arturia Presets Canada Board Tribute Synth Presets
Explore the mysterious sonic landscapes of one of the industry's most reclusive, yet influential acts.

Explore the mysterious sonic landscapes of one of the industry's most reclusive, yet influential acts. Mysterious paragons of widescreen electronica, cinematic ambient music, and unsettling IDM, Boards of Canada have helped define, and redefine their genres. The Scottish brothers' use of vintage and analog gear and recording techniques make their work a truly unique sensory experience, and make their sounds the perfect candidate for homage thanks to the amazing power of Arturia's CMI V.