MUSIC How to Make a Travis Scott Style Beat TUTORiAL
Travis Scott has created quite the catalog of high quality tracks. He’s captured millions of fans around the world with hits like Antidote, Goosebumps, and many more.

Cymatics Vortex for Xfer Serum Synth Presets
There are few genres that display constant innovation and flawless execution in sound design. Drum and Bass is one of them. There are so many tracks in this genre by artists like Noisia and Mefjus that have left our entire team absolutely speechless and unbelievably inspired.

Our production team will hear these songs and immediately jump into the studio to experiment and recreate sounds.
WavSupply E-Trou Zodiac (Drum Kit) WAV
113 Sounds

12 808s
6 Claps
25 Extras
19 HH/OH
BassGorilla Building a Synthesizer in Max MSP with Josh Hodge TUTORiAL
Expand your sound design skills dramatically by understanding the complex processes behind the creation of synthesizers; In this tutorial series producer and DJ Josh Hodge explains in a step by step guide the process of creating a synth using Max MSP programming language. Take your programming and synthesis skills to the next level and use them to setup your own synthesizer in Ableton!
Fuse Audio Labs VCL-373 v1.3.0 CE WiN
The VCL-373 is a recreation of an early 60s broadcasting limiter/compressor that eventually found its way into many mastering studios. 1963 marks a technological shift in that the famous diode-bridge based gain reduction stage was replaced by a transistor-based circuit that allowed for less THD and more reliable control voltage tracking.

Fuse Audio Labs VCL-4 v1.3.0 CE WiN
VCL-4 is a faithful emulation of the silver face revision of the op-amp-based successor of THE classic late 60s opto leveler. It provides you with unintrusive to extreme program dependent and musical opto compression. The switchable ratio option makes for a flexible solution over a wide range of source material.

TheBeatPlug Vice City (Drum Kit) WAV
29, 808/Sub/Bass
14, Clap & Snares
14, FX
9, Hat MIDI
16, HiHats / Open Hats
18, Kicks
11, Loops (6 Perc, 5 HH)
17, Perc
Based Gutta Ambient Sounds Dune 2 Sound Bank Synth Presets
70 presets for DUNE2 designed by Based Gutta

PlugInGuru MegaMagic PADS Synth Presets
MegaMagic PADS is all about making beautiful, powerful, happy, sad, omnious, angry emotions… into sounds that you will get goosepimples when playing. Well, at least I did! I set up some unique rules for this library to make sure it is 100% original and unique!
This kit has over 50 original melodic midis & is perfect for creating great vibes in any style. Getting though a creative block it tough but with this kit, you'll create nothing but good high quality music.