Echo Sound Works Masterclass OVO Get That Sound TUTORiAL
Echo Sound Works leaves no stone unturned with almost 7 hours of in depth video content! This course literally explains and demonstrates everything you need to know about OVO and Future RnB.

From a listen-and-learn style review of current OVO styled productions; to an indepth walkthrough of critical OVO sounds including drums, basses, leads and more; right through to building drum grooves, writing melodies and chord progressions as well as essential mixing tips and tricks for OVO.

As an added bonus, you also receive the OVO drum kit used in the tutorial course and three 808 instruments formatted in a custom instrument for NI Kontakt.

Learn the theory, watch it in action, Make the Music!

Learn how to create OVO style sounds and songs
Improve your Production & Mixing Skills
7 Hours of Practical Video Instruction
Bonus Drum kit and 808 Kontakt instruments

This course kicks off a new series on ADSR called GET THAT SOUND – a series of in depth tutorial courses that teach you how to achieve some of electronic music’s hottest sounds and genres. Learn how to audition, create and arrange all the sonic elements that go into record breaking track.
Audio Masters South Eastern Cinematic Voices WAV AiFF APPLE LOOPS
'South Eastern Cinematic Voices' by Audio Masters is a stunning collection of vocal soundtracks, packed full of traditional folklore performances accompanied by catchy electronic music instrumentation. Designed for film, media, advertisement & music productions, this pack feature the voice of a professional vocalist from a world famous folklore ensemble.

With chilled out pads, subtle plucks, mellow leads, unique voice and so much more, this 'one of a kind' product is a must-have for all media and music producers.

......:::::: Sound Design & Production ::::::......
'South Eastern Cinematic Voices' was designed & recorded using some of the best analogue & virtual analogue equipment on the market, such as Moog Voyager, Modal Electronics 02, Access Virus TI and more. Also used are a selection of outboard effect processors to give this collection a truly timeless sound.

......:::::: Content ::::::......
This product features five full soundtracks, broken into stems. These Construction Kits come tempo labelled and are ready to be implemented into a wide range of genres. Additionally, the full Cinematic tracks are included for producers, that want to use these outstanding soundtracks for their film and other types of media productions.

If you want to use the vocals only, included are the dry versions of the traditional vocal songs that were used to produce these Cinematic tracks. Just drag and drop into your DAW to give any type of music production a unique vibe. 

These vocal compositions are hundreds of years old and reflect the culture of different districts of the Balkan region of East Europe. 

......:::::: Vocals ::::::......
The traditional folklore vocals were performed by one of the lead vocalists of the world famous folklore ensemble 'Filip Kutev'. Touring around the globe for decades and with a huge experience in live performances and studio work, you wont find this awesome voice anywhere else.

......:::::: Product Details ::::::......
• Format: WAV & AIFF/Apple Loops
• 5 Multi-Tracks/Construction Kits
• 5 Full Soundtracks
• 5 Dry Traditional Vocal Tracks
• 100% Royalty-Free
• 24-Bit/44.1kHz
• Compatible with all DAWs
Composing Electronic Music: A New Aesthetic by Curtis Roads
Electronic music evokes new sensations, feelings, and thoughts in both composers and listeners. Opening the door to an unlimited universe of sound, it engages spatialization as an integral aspect of composition and focuses on sound transformation as a core structural strategy. In this new domain, pitch occurs as a flowing and ephemeral substance that can be bent, modulated, or dissolved into noise. Similarly, time occurs not merely as a fixed duration subdivided by ratios, but as a plastic medium that can be generated, modulated, reversed, warped, scrambled, and granulated. Envelope and waveform undulations on all time scales interweave to generate form. The power of algorithmic methods amplify the capabilities of music technology. Taken together, these constitute game-changing possibilities. 

This convergence of technical and aesthetic trends prompts the need for a new text focused on the opportunities of a sound oriented, multiscale approach to composition of electronic music. Sound oriented means a practice that takes place in the presence of sound. Multiscale means an approach that takes into account the perceptual and physical reality of multiple, interacting time scales-each of which can be composed. After more than a century of research and development, now is an appropriate moment to step back and reevaluate all that has changed under the ground of artistic practice.

Composing Electronic Music outlines a new theory of composition based on the toolkit of electronic music techniques. The theory consists of a framework of concepts and a vocabulary of terms describing musical materials, their transformation, and their organization. Central to this discourse is the notion of narrative structure in composition-how sounds are born, interact, transform, and die. It presents a guidebook: a tour of facts, history, commentary, opinions, and pointers to interesting ideas and new possibilities to consider and explore.
Audio Restoration DeNoise / DeNoiseLF 2.7.5 Windows/MacOSX
DeNoise and DeNoiseLF are applications for reducing continuous noise in audio files, typically those produced by digitizing vinyl(LP) and shellac(78) records, or magnetic tape. The most common form of such noise is commonly heard as hiss, rumble and hum.

Version 2.7.5

(build 30f) released March 12, 2016:
• Improved audio monitoring for fi
les >48kHz.
• Improved automatic noise tracking algorithm.
• Changed normalisation of Vinyl and Shellac default noise profi
• Minor bug fixes.
Audio Restoration ClickRepair 3.9.4 Windows/MacOSX
ClickRepair is a program for locating and repairing damage due to scratches, dust specks, etc. It is equally useable by Apple Mac or Windows users. It is not a plug-in, so it’s use does not require an editor which supports plug-ins...

ClickRepair is an application that can assist you in restoring the sound archived from old records (vinyl or shellac). Site navigation is via the tabs in the left-hand frame. Unless you are experienced in archiving your old records, I suggest you explore all the pages.

Noise problems fall into two classes, localised and global. Localised degradation is typically in the form of clicks, ticks, and crackle. The origin is usually scratches and/or dust particles. Neither can be physically removed from the record, although there are methods for cleaning records quite thoroughly, and even playing them back "wet".

Global degradation takes many forms, particularly hiss, rumble, and distortion due to non-linearity in the play-back equipment. These last two are equipment problems. Only hiss and rumble can be reduced by available software, although there is research into the repair of some types of non-linear distortion.

Click and crackle removal is a two-stage process: detection followed by repair. The samples between the damaged ones should not be changed by the repair process, whilst the damage itself should be replaced by a plausible interpolation based on an analysis of the surrounding sound.

Version 3.9.4

(build 46e) released March 12, 2016:
• Improved audio monitoring for fi
les >48kHz.
• Improved pitch detection algorithm.
• Minor bug fixes
Audio Masters Freaky Dubstep WAV AiFF APPLE LOOPS
'Freaky Dubstep' by Audio Masters is a shocking collection of twisted analogue sounds, heavy reese basses & monstrous leads. Ready to infect your next Dubstep production and take it to a whole new level, this product is an absolute must-have for every production studio.

This pack has been designed with a flexibility in mind, to deliver a professional content for the most demanding producers. Recorded using some of the best analogue equipment on the market, inside you will find a stunning collection of loops and samples to cover all your Dubstep needs.

......:::::: Dry Construction Kits & Processed/Tail Versions ::::::......
Included are dry versions of each Construction Kit, featuring the instrumentation without any reverb, delay, compression or panning/stereo imaging. The dry versions allow producers to apply an effect processing of their choice. Also included are the processed versions of these Kits, which features the effect/tail processing, as heard in the audio demo.

......:::::: Synth Loops ::::::......
Unprocessed synth loops are also included, containing the key, BPM and Construction Kit in their names. These were added to help you implement any synth sound into your own tracks, by simply dragging and dropping the files into your DAW.

......:::::: Drum Loops ::::::......
This product also comes with 20 top quality drum kits, all labelled for ease of use. These drum kits were recorded using top analogue drum machines and feature fat analogue kicks, punchy snares and powerful percussion and hats. All drum kits were stripped into serparate parts to allow usage of any sound isolated from the rest.

......:::::: Product Details ::::::......
• Format: WAV & AIFF/Apple Loops
• 5 Extended Audio Construction Kits
• Dry and Processed/Tail Versions
• 285 Construction Kit Files in Total
• 114 Synth Loops
• 20 Drum Construction Kits
• 20 Full Drum Loops
• 20 Kick Loops
• 20 Snare Loops
• 20 Hat Loops
• 80 Percussion Loops
• 160 Drum Loops in Total
• 100% Royalty-Free
• 24-Bit/44.1kHz
• Compatible with all DAWs
Max Recorder v.2.006 Patch-URET
Max Recorder is a software application which was developed in order to aid individuals in recording audio streams from the Internet, your hard drive or any connected device, with just a click of the button.

Quick setup and minimal interface

The installation process does not last too long and it is quite uneventful, while the interface you are met with presents a minimal and modern design. It is comprised of a few buttons, some playback controls (play, next, previous) and a pane in which to view all recorded items.

It becomes quite clear that all types of users can find their way around it with great ease, regardless of their experience level. Moreover, there are even some extensive Help contents you can consult.

Auto-split songs

This software utility enables you to record any audio stream, be it from the Internet, your hard drive or a connected device. Aside from that, you should know that you can set it up to automatically split tracks, and all your recording are displayed in the main window, along with the hour and date at which it was taken, and total duration.
Save tracks to HDD along with a few details

It is possible to play all of the aforementioned items, as well as hide the short ones, adjust the volume, delete some of them, and save them to the computer as MP3 files or to iTunes. Moreover, you can input information pertaining to the recording, such as title, artists, album, genre and comments. From the settings panel, you can change the channels and the encoding quality, so as to match your preferences.
Vandalism Shocking Electro For XFER RECORDS SERUM
'Shocking Electro For Serum' gives you the highest quality Electro style presets ever made. This ultra fresh soundset brings you top notch sound design from Serum. These sounds contain comprehensive techniques that are pushing the limits and that's why they sound like nothing else you've heard before!

These sounds were inspired by artists who are pushing the boundaries between Electro, Dirty Electro or Electro House. Whether you're coming from other music scene, this soundset invites you to create astounding and up-to-date tracks. Get your copy and freshen up your productions today!

......:::::: Product Details ::::::......
• 64 Presets For Xfer Records SERUM
• 64 Bass Sounds
• 4 Macro Controls Assigned
• ModWheel Assigned
• 100% Royalty-Free
• Requirements: Xfer Records SERUM v1.08b6 beta+ or higher.
Delectable Records Organic Tech House WAV
Organic Tech House' from Delectable Records is a unique and fresh collection of live double bass, fingered and slapped electric bass, guitar, brass and drum loops all mangled, chopped, sliced and arranged for you, Tech House style.

'Organic Tech House' is the perfect tool kit of distinctive grooves and melodic parts aimed at producers with Tech House music on their minds but also looking for inspiration within Classic House, Deep House, and Electro House genres.

Included are 321 unique sounds and loops including fresh double bass loops, fingered and slapped electric bass loops, fat synth bass, mangled and heavily processed guitar loops, glitchy sliced brass loops, groovy percussive loops, kicks, hats, snares and full punchy snippet drum kits. 

This useful package also contain a nice selection of 48 rise, fall and delayed SFX skillfully crafted by Delectable Records' studio staff with cutting-edge equipment and customised DSP routines.

All sounds are completely Royalty-Free and recorded at 125 BPM with some of the best compressors, processors, and SSL technology available.

Product Specifications:

• 24 Bit Quality
• 473 MB
• 9 Double Bass Loops
• 12 Electric Bass Loops
• 15 Synth Bass Loops
• 21 Brass Loops
• 6 Drum Kits (48 Loops)
• 24 Separate Kick Loops
• 20 Separate Snare Loops
• 16 Separate Hat Loops
• 18 Guitar Loops
• 22 Perc Loops
• 38 Vox Loops
• 22 Electric Bass Samples
• 20 Delay FX
• 18 Fall FX
• 10 Rise FX
Surge Sounds Big Room EDM For NI MASSiVE
Surge Sounds is proud to present 'Big Room EDM'! This ultra current and fresh soundbank brings you top notch Big Room sound design for NI Massive. Inspired by Artists like Martin Garrix, Hardwell, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, and W&W. Rise above the crowd with these 64 current and chart-topping sounds. Leads, Basses, Synths, all ready for your future productions!

......:::::: Product Details ::::::.......
• 64 Native Instruments Massive Presets
• 31 x Leads
• 17 x Synths
• 12 x Basses
• 04 x FXs
• 8 Macros On Every Preset
• Multi-Genre
• 100% Royalty-Free
• Requirements: Native Instruments Massive v1.3 or higher.
• All Vocals In The Demo Are From 'Surge Sounds preDROP Vocals'.