TBProAudio DynaRide v1.1.1 CE WiN
DynaRide is an advanced gain rider plug-in with multiple detector programs and switchable pre-delay. On top of it DynaRide can enhance the output signal by limiting the riding process to specific audio signals like speech, vocal and bass.
Output Deep House and Garage Drums WAV
Output presents the "Deep House & Garage Drums"

We have put together some of our best Drum Loops together and created this pack.
TBProAudio AB_LM v1.6.0 CE / v1.4.3 WiN MacOSX
AB_LM is a gain control which enables level matched and sample accurate AB comparison of FX chains.

We at TBProAudio found us very often in mixing or mastering situations where we need to quickly identify the contribution of a certain plugin (FX) or even a complex FX chain to the sound.
Joey Sturgis Drum Samples Detuned Series Toms KONTAKT

These toms were tuned really low for heavier guitar tunings. The kit was a custom truth kit.
Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol v2.0.3 / v2.0.2 WiN MacOSX
The KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series combines smart, elegantly-designed keyboards with advanced control software to form a fully integrated centerpiece for studio and stage – matchless control over all your software instruments from one award-winning keyboard
Surge Sounds X WAV MiDi Synth Presets
X, presented by Surge Sounds, a Martin Garrix // Future Bass inspired collection of Future Bass sounds for you to unlock your creative freedom.

Surge Sounds is always pushing to provide extraordinary sounds to enhance your creativity and be truly valuable to you.
TBProAudio bundle 2018.9 CE WiN
AB_LM v1.6.0
CS-3301 v1.5.1
dEQ6 v1.1.5
dpMeter 3 v1.2.5 (free)
dpMeterXT v1.2.8
DynaRide v1.1.1
Bus Glue Joel Wanasek Bundle v1.0.0 WiN MacOSX
Bus Glue Joel Wanasek is a series of bus compressor audio plugins created by Joey Sturgis Tones in collaboration with esteemed producer and mixing engineer, Joel Wanasek. The compressors are specifically designed to Joel's exacting standards as unique mixing tools and are intended to be placed on the main instrument bus / track group buses in your mixer. Each set contains a unique compressor and processor design for the following six groups: Drums, Bass, Guitars, Vocals, Keys, and finally Mix.
Groove3 Mix Review with Bob Horn and Erik Reichers Episode 3 TUTORiAL
Want to know how professionals would mix a homemade Soul Pop track? Industry pro engineers, mixers and producers Bob Horn and Erik Reichers bring you yet another series where they take a recordist's non-pro mix and import it side by side into their DAW, showing in-detail, how they would approach the mix, from start to radio-ready. 

Shot in Pro Tools, but applicable to any DAW, Bob and Erik start by playing you the mix of the song "Little Taste" by Xandra Lee and mixed by Chris Love, then discuss some of the mixing decisions Chris may have made along with mixing trends and the importance of acoustical room treatment.
Joey Sturgis Drum Samples Blood Kit KONTAKT
This product can not be sold in whole or in part as a work of your own
This product can be used in an audio, music, film, or live performance production
These drum samples were recorded by Nick Scott.