Tone Report Weekly - Issue 176, April 21 2017
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TONE TALK the 5 finest student guitars ever made TONE TALK andy martin’s top ten albums of all time SPECIAL FEATURE andy martin’s pedalboard DIY double whammy: build the tim escobedo square wave shaper and idiot wah 
Handbook of Musical Identities
Music is a tremendously powerful channel through which people develop their personal and social identities. Music is used to communicate emotions, thoughts, political statements, social relationships, and physical expressions. But, just as language can mediate the construction and negotiation of developing identities, so music can also be a means of communication through which aspects of people's identities are constructed. Music can have a profound influence on our developing sense of identity, our values, and our beliefs, be it from rock music, classical music, or jazz.
Cuban Underground Hip Hop: Black Thoughts, Black Revolution, Black Modernity
In the wake of the 1959 Cuban Revolution, a key state ideology developed: racism was a systemic cultural issue that ceased to exist after the Revolution, and any racism that did persist was a result of contained cases of individual prejudice perpetuated by US influence. Even after the state officially pronounced the end of racism within its borders, social inequalities tied to racism, sexism, and homophobia endured, and, during the economic liberalization of the 1990s, widespread economic disparities began to reemerge.
The Guitar Guide by Michael Dibley
Do You Want an Easy Way to Begin Learning to Play the Guitar? If you have just bought a guitar or are just picking one up for the first time, this book will show you how to get started making the music you want from your instrument. This book is perfect for both electric and acoustic guitars. This quick start guide with easy to follow step-by-step directions and helpful graphics will take you from knowing nothing about music or the guitar and teach you how to not only make sense of where to put your hands and how to read chord charts, but will get you playing your first songs. In this guide you will learn: The parts of a guitar How to tune your guitar Play your first song How to play chords How to read chord diagrams Useful playing techniques for beginners Warm up exercises The basics of music Chord progressions And Much More Reading this book is like having a personal guitar teacher in the room with you, showing you how to make music and develop the tools you will need to become a great guitar player!

Teaching Music Improvisation with Technology by Michael Fein
Incorporating technology in music classrooms can take the mystery out of improvisation. What music technology does is establish a strong foundation for chord, scale, phrase, ear training, and listening exercises, creating a solid backdrop for student expression. As author and educator Mike Fein shows, technology is a valuable tool that can be used effectively to supplement student practice time while also developing the skills necessary to become a proficient improviser. Complete with notated exercises, accompaniment tracks, and listening resources, this book gives teachers methods to set their students free to make mistakes and to develop their own ear for improvisation at their own pace. Broken down into significant areas of music technology, each chapter focuses on developing a new skill and guides readers to tangible outcomes with the assistance of hands-on activities that can be immediately implemented into the classroom. In addition to these hands-on activities, each chapter provides the reader with an "iPad Connection" to various iOS applications, which allows teachers and students another, albeit significantly less expensive, medium through which to learn, share, and create art.
Vintage Rock - Issue 29 - May-June 2017
VINTAGE ROCK celebrates a time when music changed the world - 45s, youth culture and the odd thrusting pelvis. Vintage Rock chronicles all the stellar artists and music, the enduring legacy of those early pioneers

The Left Handed Guitar Chords Book: 296 illustrated chords and over 500 chord notes
The special edition for those who play left-handed guitar.

The Left Handed Guitar Chords Book gives you an overview of the 296 most used guitar chords in fullcolor illustrated diagrams including suggested fingerings. Almost all of the chords are fretted within the first 4 or 5 frets to keep things as simple as possible (although some experience with Barré chords and chords fretted with 4 fingers is a pré). 
Bass Player - May 2017
Bass Player is the deepest source of inspiration, information, and instruction for players seeking mastery of the low end. In print, online, and in person at Bass Player LIVE!, Bass Player is at the core of a dynamic and diverse musicians community.

Music Tech Focus Native Instruments 2012
132 pages of pure Native Instuments

Every new release reviewed

The ultimate guide to Maschine

Essential workshops covering:

•Kontakt 5 - Understanding its new features
•Studio Drummer - Making beats
•Guitar Rig 5 - Using the new sidechain
•Massive - How to make dirty bass
•Absynth 5 - Sound design shortcuts
•FM8 - FM Synthesis with the FM8
•Transient Master - Using TM in your projects
•Guitar Rig 4 - Synthesizer sounds
•Traktor Pro 2 - Hands on with Traktor Pro 2
•Maschine 1.7 - The lowdown on Maschine 1.7
•West Africa - Discovery Series West Africa
•FM8 - FM8’s Arpeggiator
•Kontakt 4 - Sample Instruments
•iMaschine - Making beats on the move
•Massive - Getting the most from Massive
•Absynth 5 - Patch design and creative effects
JFilt The 12 Pad Scale Manual 2015 RETAIL eBook
After the great responses from Essential HipHop Chords and The 16 Pad Scale Manual, I decided to show love to the 12 pad users. This came as a result of those wanting to use these ebooks but only had 12 pads as in the MPC500. Since the algorithm changes for 12 pads, the decision was made to create a similar technique for those with the MPC 500, MPK 25, MPK 49 or any other drum machine with the 3×4 grid formation. Instead of having to wait for both ebooks to be released one at a time, I decided to write and release these guys together since they make the perfect match. If you want to elevate your beats to the next level and gain the ability to sound like a live musician, these ebooks are for you! Creating melodies along with your own chord combinations have never been so easy with 12 pads until now. Have fun!