What Are Chords? by George Brodbeck PDF
Soft / Music Magazines 23-01-2019
What Are Chords? by George Brodbeck PDF
"What Are Chords?" offers a comprehensive, clear and easy to follow step by step look at what chords are and how to create them. Look at 112 musical illustrations and listen to 49 audio tracks on the What Are Chords website.

You will discover:

1. How to easily extract chords from Major, Minor, Dominant, Diminished & Half Diminished, Diminished Blues and Whole Tone Scales.
2. How to write their chord symbols in a clear and unmistakable way.
3. The relationship between chords and the circle of fifths.
4. What guide tones are and why they are the foundation of every chord.
5. How to build chords up from simple triads to 7-note giants, in all chord types.
6. 7 diagrams and 9 chord trees that present a different and unique way to look at harmony.
7. The secrets of sus4 chords and how to treat chords that go outside a key center.
8. Lots of advice about musical styles and which chord types are best suited.
9. My chord blog on the website to interact or ask questions.
10. Most importantly that knowing and understanding chords or harmony is much less painful than you ever thought.

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