Mingohaha Fastidous (Sound Kit) WAV MiDi DAW Presets
7 808s 6 Claps 7 Hi-Hats 4 Open Hats 9 Percs 3 Rimshots 14 Snares 8 Drum Midis (808 x Hats) Astral Projection.flp 5 Mixing Presets
Incognet Progressive and Melodic House WAV MiDi Synth Presets
What if we combine our favorite styles: Progressive and Melodic House?

Result: Incognet Progressive & Melodic House Sample Pack.

Whats inside?
Shxrkz boss drumkit WAV MiDi DAW Presets
i use this sounds in every single beat.

this drumkit includes:

-17 808s
-8 sub basses
-16 claps
WavSupply Rio Leyva Magician (MIDI Kit) MiDi
100 melodic midis + 50 hi hat midis created by Rio Leyva of Internet Money.
The Producer School Uplift WAV MiDi Synth Presets DAW Templates
Epic melodies, rolling basses, big leads, 'UPLIFT' will help you to create your next Progressive House banger and make all the festivals go crazy!

The pack was inspired by artists like Martin Garrix, Avicii, Manse, Nicky Romero & more!

This pack will help you to create the next Progressive House BANGER! From samples to presets, everything is in this pack to make your next Progressive House style track. Artists like Martin Garrix, Avicii, Nicky Romero & more inspired us while creating the pack and we tried to recreate sounds that they use in their tracks! The pack contains 50 presets for Sylenth,
Palaze x Diplomat Scandic Supply (Drum Kit) WAV MiDi
7x 808s 4x Claps 9x Hi-Hats 7x Kicks 5x Open hats 11x Percs 8x Snares 14x Sauce (Feat. All rare pierre sounds)

All Scales
WavSupply holy Global (Hi Hat MIDI Kit) WAV MiDi
69 custom made Hi Hat Midis (With 20 Hi Hat Loops) created by holy of Internet Money.
ModeAudio Brainwave (LA Beat Loops) WAV MiDi
Arcing rays of flaming pink, orange and yellow light up the sky as the smouldering sun begins to dip beneath the rolling ocean when inspiration hits you, like an interstellar transmission beamed from deep space - take the trip of a lifetime with our latest royalty-free sound pack, Brainwave - LA Beat Loops!

Delivering a hyperreal 491MB hit of technicolour audio, this collection takes in the lopsided swagger, soulful keys and eclectic synths of the LA Beat Scene to deliver a treasure trove of psychedelic rhythms and tones for your next production.
ModeAudio Amber (Ambient Loops) WAV MiDi
Journey deep into the forest, where the texture of leaves, bark and the earth beneath your feet engulfs your senses as patches of flickering light slice through the trees to illuminate the gloom - welcome to the golden soundscape of our latest sample pack release, Amber - Ambient Loops!

Mesmeric, shifting beds of tonality and texture drift and merge above deep sub drones and hypnotic, murky drum rhythms in this expansive, 1GB collection of royalty-free Ambient sound.
ModeAudio Screenplay Synth Presets MiDi
You sink into your chair as the lights dim, allowing the screen's width to fill your entire field of vision. Images appear, flashing across your retinas with colours that move you from ecstatic heights to eery depths - this is the very dramatic power we've harnessed for our latest release, Screenplay - Serum Cinematic Presets!

Collecting together 50 royalty-free .fxp presets for your Xfer Serum synth, this soundtrack-ready toolkit is overflowing with tones that will take your scoring and sound design to new levels of emotive force.
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