Keygen App 2018 v1.0.0 MacOSX
Open .exe Keygens on macOS including 10.13 High Sierra and 10.14 Mojave

You must open the app standalone first so macOS can verify it and the app can rebuild its database, note that it may say the app couldn't be opened upon first run but that is just the app rebuilding its database as i removed all caches and my user settings before packaging. It should work perfectly from then on.
Homegrown Sounds Vortex v1.00 + Samples WiN
Vortex is a VSTi Multitimbral Sequencer, equally adept as performance player or studio composer. It contains dedicated synths for each of its 12 sequencers … or, if you prefer, you can output any sequencer’s generated midi to your software or hardware instrument of choice … all internal synths, all midi output to your synth or any combination of the two on a sequencer by sequencer basis … it’s up to you!
UJAM Virtual Guitarist AMBER v1.0.2 MacOSX
In the mood for livid steel-string acoustic guitar strums? Virtual Guitarist AMBER is your musical companion. AMBER adds warm and shiny strumming to your production. It comes loaded with more than 50 Styles, over 600 Phrases, multiple effects and sound shaping controls.

After testing and measuring dozens of combinations of high-end guitars and microphones, we found sonic delight: A boutique American vintage dreadnought and a legendary German vintage large diaphragm microphone. For even more sonic versatility we've captured the guitar pickup too.
UJAM Virtual Guitarist IRON v1.1.1 MacOSX
Virtual Guitarist® IRON is your trusted session guitarist in a box. When it comes to playing authentic riffs and power chords Virtual Guitarist IRON puts you in the producer’s seat and follows your instructions. Equipped with 100 styles, over 1100 phrases, multiple amps and effects, VG-IRON makes laying down authentic guitar tracks a breeze. Not playing the guitar has never been so much fun. 
Algonaut Atlas v1.0.0 WiN
Algonaut a released a new artificial intelligence powered sampler that aims to change the way you find sounds and make beats.

Atlas allows you to see all of your samples in one place with a map based on style and character. You can generate unlimited drum kits with your own samples and speed up your workflow using drag-and-drop to any app.
UJAM Keygen Only v1.0.3 MacOSX

1.0.3 NOTES:
SonicProjects OP-X PRO-II v1.2.6 CE / v1.2.5 WiN MacOSX
OP-X PRO-II - the ultimate dream machine! OP-X PRO-II is the new top flagship of the OP series offering many new and extended features inspired by requests from users we have collected over the years as well as own new ideas. Due to its countless sound shaping features and flexible voice management the range of possible sounds reaches from early monophonic synths over classics like OB-X and Jupiter-8 up to Matrix-12 .
Valhalla DSP ValhallaShimmer v1.0.4 MacOSX
Come With Uncle And Hear All Proper! Hear Angel Trumpets And Devil Trombones. You Are Invited! ValhallaShimmer is an algorithmic reverb designed for BIG sounds, from concert halls to the Taj Mahal to the Halls of Valhalla. All of the sliders have been designed to be tweaked in real time and have a smoothed response to avoid clicks when changing settings or automating the controls. At the same time, the algorithm has been highly optimized, so you get a huge reverb sound without straining your CPU.
Serato DJ Pro Suite v2.0.4.4108 CE WiN
Serato DJ has a brand new look and a greatly improved software layout, optimized for simplicity and a great experience. The new interface also offers two and four deck view modes for four deck controllers, alongside improvements to the cue point and looping controls, which now allow you to display either 8 cues, 8 loops or a combination of both depending on how you perform.
TBProAudio SLM2 v1.3.0 CE WiN
SLM2 is a smart stereo loudness maximizer including "analog spice” and 16x over-sampling. The goal of the design was to maximize the loudness of the audio signal while maintaining transparency.