Steinberg Cubase Elements 9 v9.5.10 eXTender WiN
Welcome to the world of Cubase with Cubase Elements, which offering you a streamlined music production environment with a lot of features that help seize the moment when musical creativity strikes. Sharing the same pristine audio quality as its larger siblings in the Cubase family, Cubase Elements provides the perfect starting point for intuitive song writing, studio-grade recordings and finalizing your mix. Do you want to elevate your sound to a new level? Cubase Elements is your next step.
Steinberg WaveLab Elements 9 v9.5.15 eXTender WiN
WaveLab Elements is an audio editing and mastering software, perfectly tailored to hobby musicians, radio freelancers and home studio owners. Based on the approved WaveLab Pro mastering solution, the WaveLab Elements highlights proven editing and analysis tools, a valuable selection of restoration and mastering plug-ins, a CD burning engine and much more - all accessible through an intuitive user interface.
G-Sonique DUBSHOX Multi-Band Distortion X86 WiN
G-Sonique DUBXHOX H8 – Special Multi-Band Distortion / Waveshaping unit + Effector

DUBSHOX H8 is unique VST effect combining various processors in one. It is designed for heavy music styles like: Dubstep, Dark Drum and Bass / Neurofunk,
Electro, EBM, or experimental / minimal techno.
G-Sonique Treble Cream X86 WiN
G-Sonique TrebleCream - Mid/Treble & Transients softening technology

One of the most annoying thing in sound/music are for sure sharp, harsh and screaming mid-trebles and distorted transients.

From your mixing experiences you probably know frequent situation that everything sounds good, instruments are balanced, good compressed and equalized but if you want to have clear and significant overall mix then mid-trebles are inevitably very sharp, screaming and distorted - and you don't know how to make them softer and more enjoyable
G-Sonique FAT X86 WiN
Create your own clean and modern style of saturation - the most natural solution to eliminate unwanted peaks and increase overall loudness of a signal

In music,mixing and production there exists 4 methods of eliminating unwanted peaks of a signal and improving the overall loudness of channels or the whole mix. They are : compression, hard clipping, soft clipping or saturation.
G-Sonique Mid-Side Harmonic Vitaliser X86 WiN
Give your tracks 3DSpace, Depth, Width and ATMOSPHERE...

Mid-Side: stereophonic harmonic generator/vitalizer+ is a stereo enhancer and processor with brand new technology for vitalizing, coloring, controlling, adjusting and widening stereo material (the side part of a signal) as well as adding space, width and depth to the mixes. Mid-Side: SHG/V+ is a useful tool for mixing and mastering.
Unfiltered Audio Sandman Pro v1.1.1 CE WiN
Since its release, Unfiltered Audio's Sandman has wowed mix engineers, sound designers and DJs alike with its slice-and-dice genius. A delay plugin with a severe narcoleptic bent, Sandman uses its Sleep mode to freeze its delay buffer to create stunning loops and grains that can be re-pitched, down-sampled, played in reverse, dirtied with noise and modulated - transforming and mutating sounds beyond all recognition! Using very short delay times, the shape-shifting Sandman alternately becomes a flanger, stutter generator, wavetable synthesizer or percussion resonator. But Sandman also excels at producing traditional echo and stereo ping-pong effects, providing delay times ranging from slapback to longer than a coffee break.
Slate Digital VMR Complete Bundle v1.5.0.1 WiN
Introducing Virtual Mix Rack

The ‘VMR’ operates as a virtual 500 series-style rack with hot-swappable modules, putting your entire processing chain in ONE WINDOW. This allows you customize your own channel strip in any order you choose, with the signal flow following the visual order of the modules. Moving modules around is easy, fast, and creates no break in audio playback: mix and match filters from different EQs, chain an EQ before or after your compressor, or create a different A and B setup and switch between them. Audition signal chains faster, easier, and in real time with the Slate ‘VMR’.
PSPaudioware PSP McQ v1.8.0 R2 MacOSX
PSP McQ captures the sonic character and functionality of various classic console equalizers such as the versatile MCI console EQs. However, while PSP McQ was inspired by these analog classics, we added several modern features such as adjustable high pass and low pass filters, steepness (resonance) control for the shelving filters, optional bell filters for the low and high bands, and three nominal Q values for the midrange filters. We packed the PSP McQ full of musical features, such as gain following Q factors for the midrange bell type filters. By this, we mean that the Q factor of these filters gradually increases along with increases in boost or attenuation. The PSP McQ is especially suited for deep track tweaking in order to get a desired sound for a track, or to get great track separation in the mix.
G-sonique Vintage Psychedelic Delay VTD-42 X86 WiN
There are tents of classic digital delays, but most of them sounds classic, boring and digital.

Vintage psychedelic delay VTD-42 is not like classic digital delays. It sounds absolutely different. Not like delay.
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