Plusmore - Engage [D013]
Plusmore - Engage [D013]

Artist: Plusmore
Title: Engage 
Genre: Melodic House & Techno
Label: Duenia
Quality: 320 kbps

Plusmore - Engage (Original Mix)
Jimmen - Question My Love [PBR128]
Jimmen - Question My Love [PBR128]

Artist: Jimmen 
Title: Question My Love 
Genre: Deep House
Label: Pure Beats Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Jimmen - Dont Let Me Go (Original Mix)
Jimmen - Question My Love (Original Mix)

Deep2Tech - Away [OVR011]
Deep2Tech - Away [OVR011]

Artist: Deep2Tech 
Title: Away 
Genre: Deep House
Label: OverSoul Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Deep2Tech - Away (Original Mix)

Addvibe - Change form [VDD036]
Addvibe - Change form [VDD036]

Artist: Addvibe 
Title: Change form 
Genre: Afro House / Deep House
Label: Vier Deep Digital
Quality: 320 kbps

Addvibe - Change form (Fargo Collective Remix)
Addvibe - Change form (Original Mix)
Artist: VA
Title: Maxinne ‘TO THE MUSIC’ CHART JANUARY 2020
Genre: Techno, Tech House
Quality: 320 kbps

Maxinne, Frederick & Kusse, Niki Darling – To The Music (Extended Mix) (6:09)
Siege, Raumakustik, Gene Farris – Circles (Extended Mix) (6:40)
Steve Lawler – K’Trip (Original Mix) (7:08)
Ben Remember – We Work So Good (Extended Mix) (6:44)
Darius Syrossian – Bull Stomp (Original Mix) (6:07)
Mark Knight – Mona Lisa (Extended Mix) (5:43)
Franky Rizardo – Hypno (Extended Mix) (6:30)
Nic Fanciulli, Andrea Oliva – Transition (Extended Mix) (5:58)
David Tort – This Is My House (Extended Mix) (7:07)
Mark Knight – This Ain’t No Love Song (Original Mix) (5:43)

gooleep – Good [ONR039]

Artist: gooleep
Title: Feel Good
Genre: Melodic House & Techno
Quality: 320kbps

gooleep – Feel (Original Mix) 7:38 /126bpm/ Emin
gooleep – Good (Original Mix) 7:11 /123bpm/ Amin
Shaun Reeves, Tuccillo – Fill Callings EP [MOSCOW032]

Artist: Shaun Reeves, Tuccillo
Title: Fill Callings EP
Genre: Minimal / Deep Tech
Label: Moscow Records
Quality: 320kbps

Shaun Reeves, Tuccillo – Anak (Original Mix) 7:28 /126bpm/ Dmin
Shaun Reeves, Tuccillo – Chaboi (Original Mix) 6:57 /126bpm/ A#min
Shaun Reeves, Tuccillo – Fill Callings (Original Mix) 7:31 /125bpm/ Amaj
itsbilly, Monoky – Hypnotic Ep [BSC137]

Artist: itsbilly, Monoky
Title: Hypnotic Ep
Genre: Tech House
Label: Basica Recordings
Quality: 320kbps

itsbilly, Monoky – Bitches Love Me (Original Mix) 5:12 /125bpm/ Amaj
itsbilly, Monoky – Hypnotic (Original Mix) 4:55 /124bpm/ Fmaj
itsbilly, Monoky – Make Ya Booty Go (Original Mix) 5:00 /124bpm/ Amin

Dariuz – Gazebo or Peak [DMR135]

Artist: Dariuz
Title: Gazebo or Peak
Genre: Melodic House & Techno
Label: Digiment Records
Quality: 320kbps

Dariuz – Gazebo or Peak (Extended Mix) 6:54 /125bpm/ Cmaj

Bragken – Crypt [CAT354621]

Artist: Bragken
Title: Crypt
Genre: Melodic House & Techno
Label: Bodhi Collective
Quality: 320kbps

Bragken – Crypt (Original Mix) 6:03 /121bpm/ C#min
Bragken – Purple Crust (Original Mix) 6:30 /121bpm/ A#min
Bragken – Road To The Pharoah Palace (Original Mix) 7:40 /121bpm/ Gmin